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In Pittsburgh, a ferry connects one side of the Monongahela River to the other for people who work at a prison.  Because of budget cuts, a new highway and bridge are being built, and the construction of the bridge can create traffic which can lead to car accidents and personal injury.

“I won’t take the bridge, even if it would have saved me a few minutes.  I’d love to see it continue.  It’s just been such a big part of my life,” said a 62-year-old worker who drove her car onto the Fredericktown Ferry.

As car accident attorneys, we know that new highways and bridges have their potential to cause car accidents.  How well was the bridge and highway built?  Will the bridge and highway hold up to heavy use?  All it takes is one construction mistake to cause a car accident that leads to personal injury or wrongful death.

In 2008, each county in Pennsylvania spent over $36,000 to keep the cable-driven ferry running across the river.  A new highway and bridge would cut travel time across the river, but the possibility of traffic related car accidents becomes higher with this new mode of transportation.

What if the worst thing happens?  A driver is on the new bridge, swerves out of control because it is raining and veers off the bridge and into the river.  Not only does the car accident cause speculation in other drivers, but an unfortunate wrongful death has occurred and not even the best car insurance policy can cover you in a tragic incident like that.

The new bridge is scheduled to open by 2012, but as car accident lawyers, we hope that every precaution is taken to make sure the new highway and bridge that drivers use will be a safer, more convenient way to get across the river without causing car accidents leading to personal injury or wrongful death.

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Michael Pines is a former insurance company attorney who specializes in car accident injury. While he was an insurance attorney, he learned from behind the scenes on how insurance companies work and how they decided to pay injured people. Now that he works against insurance companies, Michael's inside knowledge has resulted in significant benefits to his clients injured in car accidents.

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