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Thursday is the new Friday.  Combine that with Pacific Beach’s reputation as party central San Diego, and you have a recipe for drunk-driving accidents every Thursday night.

Last night, PB was the scene of a hit-and-run pedestrian accident caused by a drunk-driver.  After seriously injuring three pedestrians, the hit-and run driver was arrested at his Clairemont home.

Our firm’s pedestrian accident lawyers have seen cases in the past where drivers who hit pedestrians feel as though they can get away with it because they can speed off into the night while someone is left with a serious personal injury.  Make no mistake about it, hit-and-run drivers are usually caught and are punished with even harsher sentences than they would’ve otherwise.

When you also factor in that this hit-and-run driver was driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol, the punishment should be even steeper.

In this case, a drunk-driver was trying to back out of a parking spot around 2 a.m. when he hit a car with his front end.  Not wanting to pay for the property damage, he tried to make a run for it and recklessly backed-up on to the curb and hit three pedestrians that were standing outside of the Silver Fox Lounge in Pacific Beach.

The driver took off down Garnet Avenue and was arrested a few hours later by the San Diego Police Department (SDPD).  The three pedestrians are expected to recover quickly, but one of them suffered a broken leg from the hit-and-run accident and will require a little more medical treatment than the others.

Why do people do things like this?  Our firm’s pedestrian accident lawyers ask themselves that every day.  If you end up hitting someone with your car, do not leave the scene of the accident.  And if you are walking in a place with heavy traffic on a Friday, Saturday, or even Thursday night, know that car accidents can still happen just as easily to you.

If you are safe and smart about your choices on the road, your evening of partying will be even better.

If you were injured and believe that you deserve compensation, then call our bilingual law offices right away at 1-800-655-6585 or click here for a free consultation with an experienced pedestrian accident attorney and find out how we can help you.  We look forward to providing good advice for your case.  There is no fee if no recovery.


What are your thoughts on this article?  Do you feel safe walking in heavy traffic areas during the nights where everyone hits the town?  How do you avoid accidents like this one?

Michael Pines, APCAbout

Michael Pines is a former insurance company attorney who specializes in car accident injury. While he was an insurance attorney, he learned from behind the scenes on how insurance companies work and how they decided to pay injured people. Now that he works against insurance companies, Michael's inside knowledge has resulted in significant benefits to his clients injured in car accidents.

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