Sixty-four million is a really, really big number. When we’re talking vehicle recalls, it’s not only a big number but a scary number. According to The New York Times (2/12/2015), that’s also a record-breaking number because in 2014 the auto industry recalled precisely 64 million vehicles due to safety problems – and that’s the highest number yet, exceeding the last three years combined.

That’s like taking away every single person’s car in California AND Texas due to presumed safety problems.

Stunned yet?

As personal injury attorneys specializing in car accidents, we take recalls very seriously. When your vehicle operates unsafely, it opens unwanted doors to potential car accidents. Take for instance the most recent Takata airbag recall. Already, that recall has injured a countless number of people and it is also suspected of having caused several deaths. Among the many recalls of 2014, the Takata airbag and the GM ignition recalls were the two most prominent recalls that affected millions of vehicles last year.

Older cars, as reported by the times, have also been in the spotlight for increased recalls.

General Motors accounted for 27 million of the recalled vehicles followed by Honda (8.9 million), Fiat Chrysler (8.8 million), Toyota (6 million) and Ford (4.9 million).


If you are aware of any recalls, you should take immediate action as soon as possible to ensure your vehicle is repaired. Recall repairs are free of charge.

But what happens if you’re unaware of recalls? Or, what if the government has inadvertently stalled on information the public about a potential danger?

This year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) aims to fix that.

As reported by the Times, the NHTSA faced criticism last year for not having reacted quickly enough to the recalls. In recent reports, the NHTSA has said it aims to resolve issues that had delayed its progress in pulling unsafe vehicles from our roads.

Surely, there will be more recalls in 2015 as there are every year. Hopefully this year, though, we won’t break a record.

This year, why not register your vehicle as soon as possible with the NHTSA and to be notified of any recalls? It takes one minute and it could potentially save your life.

In addition to registering your vehicle, it’s a good idea to:

  • Update your address with the vehicle manufacturer. Check your user manual to find out how to change your address or simply call the dealer where you purchased your vehicle.
  • Stay on top of regular maintenance. It goes without saying that recalls have nothing to do with how you care for your vehicle. It’s extremely important to make sure your car is in good repair. Be sure to service your vehicle according to the recommended schedule – or more often if you commute more than the average driver.


In some cases, vehicle recalls can cause injury and death. There are many reasons why a vehicle manufacturer might be at fault for the recall or the lack of having issued a recall. It is important to speak to a car accident attorney as soon as possible to ensure all of your legal rights are preserved. If you have been injured due to a recall, give us a call today at 1-858-551-2090 for a FREE consultation. You don’t have to spend a penny to hire us as your lawyers; we only collect when we win. Call us now.