There are things that go together (i.e. peanut butter and jelly; Kool-Aid and sugar), and then there are things that do not go together and should not be put together.  Drinking and driving can result in disastrous car accidents leading to personal injury, if not cause a wrongful death.

There are examples every day of how drinking and driving can lead to horrible car accidents, and our firm’s San Diego car accident lawyers frequently deal with these cases because there are still drivers that do not understand that drinking and driving is a terrible combination.

A suspected DUI drunk driver was the cause of a car crash that left four people hospitalized after a head-on car accident between two cars on Saturday night in Pittsburg, California – a city east of San Francisco.

The 26-year-old driver crossed the median on a street and hit another car.  The accident sent the driver, his mother and his two teenage sisters to the hospital for emotional trauma, which we understand included internal injuries and fractures.  The driver was then later booked into county jail for suspicion of DUI drunk driving.

This time, an entire family of people was involved in a DUI car accident.  If the driver was indeed drunk, not only did the driver have any consideration for the well-being of himself, but he also did not care about the well-being of his mother and two sisters.

Our San Diego firm’s car accident attorneys are outraged at the irresponsibility of some drivers on the roads, today.  With more wrongful death car crashes reported every day, how do drivers still think it is a good idea to put two things together that CLEARLY should not be.  We strongly believe that people, which cannot control how much liquor they consumer, should immediately get counseling and find out about the many ways to prevent drunk-driving accidents.

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