Get on the move non-dangerously

Nothing can stop a woman on the go (and, we’re not kidding, either). These fast-moving lassies are seen everywhere: in shopping malls, business meetings, playgrounds, and more—and just like the busy gals themselves, the list is non-stop. Women are on the move, and nothing gets them around faster than a car on the road.

We know, we know—a woman on the go doesn’t need real tips. So here are 5 non-tips for the female driver, explanation unnecessary (trust us, these non-tips speak for themselves).

Non-Tip #5

Drive While Sleepy.

It may be tempting to hop into the car with just an hour or two of sleep, but approach this non-tip cautiously. Nothing can be more detrimental to the road than a sleepy driver. Each year, almost 40,000 people die in car accidents each year, according to the Center for Disease Control. Of these accidents the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 10,000 are related to drowsiness. Falling asleep at the wheel is often overlooked as an accident-provoker—but don’t be non-smart, ladies. A case of the sleepy-sleeps can happen to anyone!

It’s your mother’s advice: get plenty of sleep, and don’t drive while under the influence of anything—even cold medicine can bring about dreaded drowsiness. If you think a radio, cool air, or a venti Starbucks double-shot will keep you from being lulled to sleep, think again. Experts at NHTSA say these are mere distractions. Play it safe—rest is the perfect pick-me-up to stay alert and reaction-ready.

Non-Tip #4

Take a chance on the weather.

Rain, rain, go away—if it were only that easy! Wet roads are hazardous to anyone on the go because they’re slick surfaces that cause a lot of slipping and sliding, a non-exciting situation placing you at risk for an accident claim. Drive a little slower, and play your husband’s Yanni CD for a little slow-go inspiration. Whatever you do, have a non-lead foot.

Non-Tip #3

Get emotional while driving.

Don’t be blue—but if you have to, get to a safe place and cry your heart out. Don’t get emotional on the road. If you feel like you’re in an emotional state, whether it be anger, heartache, or aggression—go for a brisk walk or jog instead. A break will give you time to sort your thoughts instead of taking them out on the road.

Driving your car when you’re angry can lead to a wealth of other non-goodies, such as speeding tickets, car accidents, and road rage. Remember: you’re a savvy lady. Know that a car may give you quiet time and solace, but so can the library, public park, and backyard. Give your mind a little break without having to put the blinker on. It’s a non-brainer.

Non-Tip #2

Use your cell phone while driving.

But, wait! It’s that important call from your boss. Maybe she’s making nice for accidentally eating your lunch the other day. Well, maybe—but it isn’t worth the massive driving distraction that cell phones cause drivers. Many states have now implemented laws against using your cell phone without a headset, so make it easy on yourself: buy the headset now and save yourself from scores of future traffic tickets later.

Ladies, it doesn’t end there. Texting can be even worse. According to The University of North Texas Health Science Center, texting is the culprit behind just over 16,000 major car accidents throughout the United States. And, while you may be one amazing woman, no one can truly text and drive while being safe. Imagine the medical bills, pain and suffering, and personal injury arising out of texting and driving. While a good car accident lawyer can help get you out of a legal mess, save yourself the hassle and use a cell phone headset instead.

Non-Tip #1

Multi-task while driving.

Busy women, especially awesome moms, have mastered the fine art of multi-tasking. It’s tempting to apply lipstick while merging into the fast lane, but ladies—resist the temptation. Nothing can ruin your day faster than a rear-end car accident during rush hour. Is it worth the red lips? Well, who can really say, but take the point graciously: no distracted driving.

Other points of interest include eating dinner while driving, reorganizing your purse, filing your coupons, filing your nails, jotting down notes from a business meeting, and yelling at and/or throwing around your GPS device. These are all no-nos, so this non-tip goes out to the awesome moms—you’re still awesome even if you don’t make a tuna casserole in your car during rush hour!