Each year, there are hundreds of thousands of automobile accidents, but car accidents caused by drunk drivers (DUI) cause perhaps the most tragedy as they could have been avoided.

The families of five people killed in a fiery 2007 crash are suing a convicted drunken driver and two bars that served him for negligence and wrongful death.

Our car accident attorneys in San Diego have no sympathy on drunk drivers because their selfishness in driving drunk is a top cause of car accidents, and each year it causes personal injury and even wrongful death.  We believe that there is absolutely no reason that anyone should drive a car after drinking.

Drunk driving can cause serious personal injuries or wrongful death.  Drivers should always do everything necessary to prevent drunk driving.  One way drivers can do that is check out the research page our car accident lawyers have provided to prevent drunk driving.

A wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of five people killed as a result of drunk driving in West Virginia names the drunk driver  and two bars as defendants.  The lawsuit says bar employees knew or should have known the man was already impaired when they served him the night of the crash.  Police said his blood alcohol content was nearly three times the state’s legal limit.

Police investigators said the man struck the rear of the others’ vehicle, forcing it across the median and into oncoming traffic, and into yet another vehicle.  Neither could avoid the car crash.

The wrongful death lawsuit also claims seven people who were personally injured have suffered “serious, severe and permanent physical disabilities and emotional trauma.”

Being San Diego auto accident attorneys, we stress all drivers to not even think about driving a car if you have been drinking.  Just remember, one drink is too many if you plan on driving, so always have a sober driver take care of the driving or take a cab if all else fails.

A $20 cab fare is worth saving a life, or in this case five lives.

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