Science is one of the most spectacular features of the human race. Science has advanced human health while increasing our vitality and longevity. And in a new study published January 9, those same scientific victories may shine a new light on paralysis recovery.

According to BrainBlogger (2/5/2015), the latest advancements in spinal cord injury involve a new communication system that uses wire implants to recreate necessary communication between brain and spine. Swiss researchers developed a neural implant to facilitate this essential communication that – one day – could restore bodily function for paralysis sufferers.

Using gold wires fused with stretchable silicone, these implants can also restore function to those who have been injured in car accidents resulting in spinal cord injury.

However, although these advancements are an exciting development toward restoring locomotion, the mechanism currently remains in testing. It is uncertain whether it will go to clinical trials.

We will keep our readers informed of any future developments on this exciting development.


In some rare cases, paralyzed people can fully recover and walk again. Many argue that these amazing achievements are near miracles. But no matter what you call them, it goes without saying that being able to walk again after paralysis is a momentous feat.

Technically, however, there is no cure for paralysis although much advancement in medicine may change that in the near future.

Paralyzed people do undergo some form of rehabilitation, though, to strengthen the body, encourage repair and increase mobility. These forms of rehabilitation may include:


Following a car accident, physical therapy can help restore function while also strengthening other areas of the body, if possible. In an article at The Daily Beast (4/10/14), one man was able to make a near full recover with aggressive physical therapy and electrical stimulation of the spine. Consult with your doctor to find which path of treatment is best for you and your specific condition.


It goes without saying that paralysis is an extremely debilitating condition. In many cases, surgery treatment may be ordered by your doctor. Surgery can address many health issues as a result of paralysis including pressure relief to reconstruction of the nerves or repositioning of the spine. Your doctor will let you know which types of surgeries can best benefit your situation and specific medical condition.


Paralysis not only affects an individual’s life inside and out, it leaves the person dependent on medication in many cases. A doctor may prescribe various muscle relaxers to address neuropathic pain or to reduce pressure to encourage healing. In some cases, paralyzed people may have to take medication for the rest of their lives. Consult with your doctor if you have uncontrollable pain that is not addressed with ordinary painkillers.


In some cases, paralyzed people may seek legal help when they suspect that someone else was at fault for their paralysis. If you are currently suffering from paralysis, you may benefit by talking to a personal injury about your specific case. In addition, you may be able to preserve your legal right to collect financial compensation for your injury. Give us a call today for a FREE consultation: 1-858-551-2090.