When you experience a spinal cord injury or are living with paralysis, you might not think that you can travel around the world and get to everywhere you want to go.  Well, our firm’s paralysis attorneys know that’s simply not true and one man who can back up that claim is one man who is known to travel where ever he wants to go.

Recently, the New York Times interview the man about his world-wide adventures in a wheelchair.  He is a paraplegic, yet still manages to travel around the globe, writing up a blog about his destinations and tips for going abroad with a set of wheels.

Traveling around the world in a wheelchair is Matt Getze’s passion.

The man, who is 36-years-old, has been in a wheelchair since he was diagnosed with polio as a child.  He now has a blog called Wheel Adventures and his motto is “Oil. Tighten. Pack. Roll.”, meaning that if you are paraplegic (or even quadriplegic) and think you cannot travel around the world, think again.

All it takes is you getting yourself and your set of wheels where you want to go and let the journey be your goal, as well as your destination.

Traveling can be complicated if you are paralyzed, as he describes, especially if you choose to venture outside of the United States.  Bathrooms might not come equipped with hand rails and space.  Curbs and sidewalks may be without the mandatory dips for your chair required here in the states.

Plus, there is the added worry of any travel about not knowing a language, getting lost or assaulted, and finding your way back home.  He says that going to see places around the world are well worth those risks.

“First, there’s getting over the hump of thinking that it’s going to be a huge hassle, that you can’t do it.  When I decided to go to Thailand and Cambodia, that was my first trip alone.  I mean, I was worried,” he told the New York Times.  “But I think it’s more of a fear of people just leaving their door, and whatever reason or excuses they make — it’s going to be a hassle or too much money — but it’s a fear of putting yourself out there.”

Our firm’s San Diego paralysis lawyers could not agree more and encourage you to check out the original article and his blog if you are interested in finding out about how to travel around the world in a wheelchair.  Your wheels can go anywhere you want to go, but it is you who must yourself to get there.

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