More and more state prosecutors are denying the use of DNA evidence in some murder and rape cases, so how long is it before DUI breathalyzer tests become in admissible for fatal drunk driving car accidents?

Our car accident lawyers in San Diego believe that if you are in a car accident because of a drunk driver, your life may change forever.  The range of injuries you can suffer as a result of a drunk driving car accident are wide and vary depending on the speed of the crash or what you slam into.  Drunk driving car accidents have a high possibility of being fatal car accidents as well.

In the worst drunk driving auto accidents, severe personal injuries occur or they become fatal auto accidents if they cause wrongful death.

Now, however, more prosecutors are not allowing DNA evidence to be used by defendants in murder cases and rape cases, so how long before DUI defendants are not allowed to present evidence, such as a breathalyzer, to prove their innocence?

After DNA evidence was exonerated a first wave of prisoners in the early 1990s, legislation was passed to enforce stubborn authorities to reopening old cases.  Continued resistance by prosecutors is causing years of delay and, in some cases, eliminating the chance to try other suspects because the statute of limitations has passed by the time the test is granted.

Should not justice be severed for all, even in auto accidents and DUI cases?  Because if you were innocent in a DUI case, you would want to make sure that the court examined all available evidence before passing judgment, right?

Our car accident lawyers believe that justice should be done for all American citizens, even those involved in auto accident cases.  From DNA evidence to DUI evidence, no one should be denied to right to have their case heard in its entirety.

We also want to stop drunk driving car accidents before they start — as in before the key is put in the door to unlock the car.  Because we know how much can go wrong from a drunk person behind the wheel, our firm’s San Diego car accident attorneys have a helpful DUI prevention resource page that will hopefully make you think twice before you drive drunk.

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