A week after Italian investigators pulled the plug on their country’s corrupt red light camera ticketing program, speeding car drivers in the Netherlands are getting a refund tickets printed by a pair of inaccurate speed cameras.

The Dutch have canceled 2640 tickets in the last week.  The country’s Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB) has been asked to issue full refunds to those ticketed drivers, funds that will reach $130,000, to anyone who has already paid the fine.

Our firm’s car accident attorneys believe that any measure to get drivers to stop speeding and hopefully curb the number of accidents on the road is a step in the right direction.  Is this going overboard?  Perhaps, but tell that to someone who receives permanent physical disabilities from a car crash.

Unlike the Italians, Netherlands officials plan to keep these speed cameras operational.  Both were quickly recalibrated correctly, showcasing just how much this country relies on speeding tickets each year.  The equivalent of one speeding ticket is issued to every licensed driver each year — over 11.6 million speed camera tickets in 2008 according to the CJIB car driver statistics.

The Dutch firm Gatsometer BV — the world’s leading manufacturer of automated ticketing machine — makes the speed cameras, and they require periodic adjustments and checks to ensure accuracy.  Dutch officials are very strict with speeding tickets.  Car drivers do not even receive a copy of the photographs that serve as the evidence of any ticketed speeding violation.  Instead, the car driver must request to view them at the police station during a restricted set of hours.

There have been some interesting political moves against photo ticketing technology — a technology that was sold to everyone as a means to lower car accident statistics.  Our car accident attorneys have supported these programs in the past.  Unfortunately, car drivers rights have been violated, often times, in the process.  Human rights should never be sacrificed in the fight against car accidents and people should never have to ask for help to pay the medical bills that pile up during an accident.

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