Being taken to the hospital or getting medical attention after a car accident can be an overwhelming experience if all of your cognitive faculties are not there. However, a new health app on Apple iPhone will allow users to see their medical records directly.

This information could be used by first responders and health care professionals to identify whether or not someone has a critical allergy or other pertinent health care issue. Going to the emergency room after being catastrophically hurt in a car accident can be especially problematic for someone who was knocked unconscious, or who does not have relevant health safety information on them at the time.

Doctors will be trained to jump into action as soon as possible to minimize the potential impacts of the accident, but not knowing critical information like the medications the person is taking for their prospective allergies and any relevant lab results, could put someone at higher risk for problems with their treatment in the hospital. The spring iOS update is expected to streamline medical records from a dozen different medical facilities across the United States.

It will include details about lab results, medications, conditions, allergies, and immunizations in one app. Dignity Health in San Francisco is the only one currently available in the Bay Area. That San Francisco based health care provider offers services throughout Nevada, Arizona, and California. However, you see San Diego Health is also partnering with the application as well. These health records will be protected and encrypted with the users’ passcodes, and users are hopeful that health records could be used to display critical medical records in the event that someone is involved in a devastating accident. Apple has not currently announced such a feature but users are asking for it.