When companies are trying to sell products, advertising on television is a way to inform consumers of what is offered.  Insurance companies like Farmers, Progressive and Allstate advertise their services for insurance to help pay medical bills from personal injury.

Often, these advertisements are never completely clear on the services they offer.  There are better ways to promote something necessary like insurance than having a paid actor come on to a camera, look good and talk nice.  Personal injury and car accidents can result in high medical bills and property damage.

Our firm’s San Diego car accident attorneys know that insurance can help people pay for medical bills and property damage as a result of a car accident or any other event that can cause personal injury.  Car crashes, for example, can cause a traumatic brain injury like concussions or wrongful death in severe car accidents.

Picking an insurance carrier should be a decision made more on how well the carrier can cover something like a car accident rather than which actor or actress they use.  Just because an insurance carrier features acclaimed an actor does not mean the insurance carrier is the right one.

When picking an insurance carrier for car insurance or health insurance, we, as personal injury attorneys and car accident lawyers, believe that consumers should do their own research to make sure they get the right coverage so that costs for property damage or medical bills are manageable.

Insurance should not be based on how popular the spokesperson is.

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