According to a recent study published by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, it looks like ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft are helping to minimize the number of drunken driving accidents and fatalities on the road.

This might not be surprising as many people tend to use these services in order to get a safe ride home when they have been drinking. Uber and Lyft both make it extremely easy for a driver to reach out and get a ride to their location as soon as possible.

A recent survey of Uber riders indicates that 80% of people who have used the service believe that it has helped them personally avoid drinking and driving accidents. Since the ride sharing is launched in Atlanta in 2012, the Uber ride-sharing service has become very popular. Looking at data for the city of Atlanta where the program was launched, arrests for driving under the influence experienced a 32% decline after the introduction of the service.

If you have been drinking and want to avoid getting in an accident as well as avoiding serious criminal and civil penalties for driving under the influence, call a ride-sharing service or rely on a ride from a friend to prevent these negative consequences. Individuals who drive under the influence may cause serious accidents and injuries.