Plans to raise the monthly mass transit fares in the San Diego region were finally approved in early May, 2009, but while the county could see more revenue coming in, this move may push more commuters to drive a personal automobile, likely increasing car accident statistics occurring on San Diego roadways.

Being San Diego auto accident attorneys, we believe that this hike in trolley fares will be the last straw for some commuters, putting them back on the road in their own cars and increasing the chance of an automobile accident happening.  Usually car crashes involve personal injuries, the worst being ones that result in physical disabilities or even wrongful death car accidents.

The Metropolitan Transit System and the North County Transit District, both in charge of San Diego public transportation, claims the price changes are necessary to cover budget shortfalls.

Do you think that more people will go back to driving to work and other locations with this increase in the cost of bus and trolley passes?  And if so, does that mean car accident statistics will also go up in the San Diego area?  Will there be more good or more reckless drivers out on the roads?

The current cost of an adult regional pass, which is good to use on trolleys and buses, is $68.  On July 1, 2009, the fare will go up to $72.  Under the same plan approved by the San Diego Association of Governments board the cost of a month senior pass will be $18 instead of $17, while youth passes will jump from $34 to $36.

As auto accident attorneys, we believe in these harsh economic times there is a very real chance of car accident statistics increasing with these price changes.  More automobile accidents mean more personal injuries and a higher risk of you being involved in an auto accident that requires you to undergo medical treatment.  Is it worth increasing your chances of getting into an automobile accident just for a few extra dollars?

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