Auto accidents are just the the first domino in a chain of falling tiles that can lead to a series of unfortunate outcomes.  The powers that be are finally taking note and states like Kansas have passed laws regarding seat belts, texting, and drunk-driving prevention, according to the Salina Journal.

Our firm’s auto accident attorneys in San Diego believe that anything to help stop drunk-drivers from being on the road, curbs the amount of distracted driving from cell phones, and forces people to buckle-up is a good thing.  And when these means are in bills that are passed by a state legislature, that’s law.

Kansas passes laws in an effort to prevent auto accidents and personal injuries.

When put into effect, the new laws will target three aspects of driving that could be considered dangerous and potentially cause wrongful deaths out on the road.  So, what are the new bills and how will they affect Kansas motorists?

Seat belts are required by all passengers in an automobile. Not buckling up, which can lead to serious personal injuries in the event of a car accident, will be considered a primary offense, where a fine $5 for the first year and a $10 for the second year with no court costs will be issued.  With this same bill, the state’s transportation fund is expected to raise close to $10 million for the next fiscal year.

Texting behind the wheel, it’s not just kids. The fastest growing group of texting motorists is not teen drivers, but adults over 35 years of age.  Seat belts and a ban on texting are already required for passengers under the age of 15, but new bills would extend that to encompass everyone in the car.  As in many states, including California, texting behind the wheel would be subject to a large fine.  Naysayers might brush off this new mandate, but cell phone companies like Verizon are even supporting it, putting people over profits instead of the other way around.

The DUI-lock out. Drivers convicted of a second offense for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol will be required to install an interlocking mechanism on the ignition of their automobile, which tests for alcohol on the breath of the driver.  If there is any indication of drunk-driving happening, the car will not start.

For auto accident attorneys, such as ourselves, we see this as a big improvement for driver safety on the road.  Kudos to Kansas for tackling three problems that claim lives and causes personal injuries on the road every day.

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