Auto accident attorneys like ourselves here in San Diego are always looking for more ways to stop personal injuries from happening on the road.  One of the most basic things you can do to save lives in an auto accident is to make sure you and your other passengers are buckled up.

Unfortunately, despite years of ad campaigns and educational programs, motorists refuse to see the benefits to using a safety belt.  This year, the “Click It or Ticket” enforcement campaign has 16 checkpoints along the Jersey Shore and is ready for the start of summer.  Recent grant money was donated to fund the auto accident prevention program, according to The Asbury Park Press.

“Click It or Ticket” will make sure Jersey Shore visitors are buckled up in case of an auto accident.

In 2009, 89 percent of New Jersey law enforcement agencies took part in “Click It or Ticket”, promoting the use of seat belts in both the front and back seats of a vehicle.  While the national rate of seat belts worn in cars is less than New Jersey’s total rate, 2009 was an “abysmal” year for backseat belt usage (only 32 percent).  This is very scary, considering how many auto accidents happen daily.

“We do get very high participation.  Police departments understand how important it is.  Seat belts are so effective, and we want to drive that message home,” New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety director said. “The purpose isn’t about writing tickets.  Seat belt usage is the most effective way [to survive a crash].”

New Jersey’s seat belt usage rate in 2009 was a record high of near 93 percent, over 12 percent higher than the national rate across the United States.  A total of 41,452 seat belt summons were written last year and 46,026 the year before that, but this year, highway patrols hope that people get the message.

“We have a long way to go,” the traffic safety director said. “People don’t think about it in the back seat. [In a crash], you’ll travel at the same rate of speed of the vehicle, until you hit something.”

Not wearing a seatbelt in the back-seat is viewed as a secondary offense.  This means that law enforcement cannot pull over an automobile strictly for that reason alone — another infraction, such as speeding, must occur.  If an officer notices no seat belts are being used in the backseat, then a ticket may be issued.

If you are traveling to the state of New Jersey for this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, our auto accident attorneys want you to beware of the “Click It or Ticket” program.  This is not so you can avoid getting a ticket, but so you and your family can participate by clicking it all year long!

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