An Illinois meatpacking plant has recalled about 96,000 pounds of ground beef after meat from the plant was linked to personal injury E. coli reports in Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says the beef was produced by Valley Meats LLC of Coal Valley in March and distributed in 10-pound to 40-pound packages.  With the summer right around the corner, this recall can cause personal injury in the millions of Americans that plan to barbeque.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys are always surprised when news of food recalls occur.  Companies in the business of providing food to consumers should always take every possible step to make sure they are not selling hazardous food products to the people that eat feed themselves and their families daily.

E. coli can lead to personal injury such as gastroenteritis (stomach flu) as well as bloody diarrhea, dehydration and kidney failure.  Those most vulnerable include the very young, the elderly and people with weak immune systems.

According to the report, the beef brands that were recalled include Grillmaster, J&B, Thick’N Savory, 3S, Klub and Ultimate.  The United States Department of Agriculture has a complete list of all the recalled products for consumers to learn about before E. coli personal injury happens.

Our personal injury lawyers in San Diego are concerned any time food gets recalled.  There are so many products that Americans eat every day that have the potential to cause personal injury and might require you to see out medical treatment.  Companies such as Valley Meats must make sure their products are safe for consumers.

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