A truck driving on Interstate 5 struck a disabled vehicle on an overpass near Camp Hamilton and then toppled onto train tracks. This caused freeway traffic to be backed up for miles and rail service to be stopped entirely. The crash happened just after 12.30am and had impacts as far as traffic lasting until 2.00pm as crews worked to get the truck upright again.

Two of the four southbound lanes were closed during this time making it difficult to travel from Orange to San Diego County. The tractor trailer hit the disabled vehicle and went off the side of the freeway at the Agra Overhead at the place where the freeway crosses just over the tracks, and near the California Highway Patrol truck inspection facility.

Although no injuries were reported in this particular crash, big rigs are some of the most common vehicles to be involved in car accidents. Due to their sheer weight and size, they can lead to critical injuries or even fatalities for affected victims.

If you or someone you know has already suffered a major injury as a result of a big rig crash, it’s essential to get medical attention soooner rather than later.