A passenger was recently rescued from a car in San Diego after a large commercial truck side-swiped that vehicle on the I-805. The California Highway Patrol was called to the scene in the mid-morning and identified a woman inside a convertible who was trapped as a result of the accident. The truck’s left front tire began to deflate at a rapid rate and this caused the truck to swerve into the convertible. That convertible then hit the concrete divide and debris was sent into the highway’s southbound lanes.

As a result of this crash, an added element of safety involved a fuel spill. A big rig crash can have significant consequences due to the size and weight of a big rig. These accidents can become particularly gruesome when the big rig crash involves dangerous chemicals or other materials onboard the truck. The California Highway Patrol arrived at the scene and began to clear the lanes as quickly as possible in order to reopen them. Being pinned under a big rig poses serious injury or fatality risks. If emergency personnel cannot make it to the scene on time, the victim may be killed. The stakes are high after a big rig crash, which is a leading reason why so many victims and family members seek help from an experienced injury lawyer. 

Big rig accidents are serious no matter where they occur. That’s because these trucks are extremely heavy and can trap or crush a car very quickly. Although the trucking industry is subject to many different regulations designed to keep drivers safe, unfortunately, this is not a guarantee against a serious big rig crash.

Victims hurt in a big rig crash like the one mentioned above may suffer numerous and serious injuries, including:

  • Broken bones
  • Fractures
  • Lacerations
  • TBIs and other head injuries
  • Internal bleeding or organ damage

All of these have the potential to turn a victim’s life upside down. Filing a personal injury claim after a big rig crash may be the only way for a victim to put their life back together.