A 13-year-old upstate New York high school student died as a result of a sports-related brain injury.  The student was practicing with his high school baseball team when he was hit by a ball according to details from the Watertown Daily Times.

Our brain injury attorneys have seen the rapid influx of attention being paid to concussions and other brain injuries that occur during sporting events.  Youth football has been getting the most attention, but other sports such as baseball need to be paid equal attention to because of the incredibly high speeds line-drives can travel.

Student dies after getting hit in head by baseball causing brain injury.

The boy, 13, was hit in the head by a line drive while practicing with his baseball team at St. Regis Falls.  His death happened less than two months after another in California nearly died as a result of a sports-related brain injury during a ball game.

In California, that 16-year-old of Marin Catholic High School was struck by a line drive leading to brain swelling as well as cause a coma that lasted a few weeks.  That incident triggered the suspension of the use of metal bats by the Marin County Athletic League and are already banned in New York City schools and North Dakota.

These days, the 16 year old still wears a helmet that covers the hole in his skull opened up by surgeons to prevent brain damage according to another CBS station.

According to several posts on Facebook found by the Watertown Daily Times, Facebook messages suggested the boy was personally injured while pitching to varsity baseball players, which wouldn’t be a problem … if he wasn’t in the eighth grade.  If that allegation is true, it violates state athletic regulations concerning players of drastically different ages playing the in the same league.

Our brain injury lawyers in San Diego want to make sure that the word is being communicated effectively that sports-related brain injuries are always present no matter how old you are or what sport you play, and that adequate protection needs to be put in place to lower the risks involved.  With added attention being placed on protecting brains, specifically younger ones, a new generation of players can enjoy increased safety in the future.

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