Tiger Woods has been through a lot lately in terms of personal troubles and rehabilitation, but now it looks like he’ll have to go through some more therapy in terms of spinal cord treatments.

Apparently, Woods has pulled out of The Players Championship (TPC) citing a bulging disc in his neck as the reason, according to sources at TMZ.  Our firm’s San Diego spinal cord injury attorneys know that you do not brush off a neck pain or back ache — bulging discs are a serious problem that could lead to a more severe spinal cord injury.

Tiger Woods’ bulging disc forces him to withdraw from the TPC.

A spinal disc is a round, gelatinous material that cushions the vertebrae of the spine. Woods’ injury is a type of spinal cord injury where a disc in the spinal column literally bulges through a crevice in the spine.

This disc might have bulged in Wood’s neck or in his upper back, causing sever amounts of pain and making movements that come with golfing very difficult.

As he was on the seventh hole of The Players Championship, Woods swung and hit a tee shot far over into the right.  The official on the course was called over, but Woods, a legend in this sport, took the next shot only to hold his face in a look of hurt.

It was at that point that Tiger Woods left in a golf cart after shaking the hand of his playing partner, Jason Bohn.  He bowed out of the game just short of completing half of the course.

Our firm’s San Diego spinal cord injury attorneys hope that Tiger Woods’ awareness of his body will be a message to others who feel like they must persevere through aches and pains in order to play a sport.  You don’t have to prove anything, especially if you might have potentially sustained a spinal cord injury.

Be like Tiger Woods in this case and if you are hurt, call the game for that day.  There will always be others to play when you are healthy.

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