Improper car seat installation poses significant risks for parents and children alike. The California Highway Patrol confirmed that in a recent accident that left one woman dead and two children badly injured, that car seat installation problems affected the severity of the injuries. While that was a single vehicle crash, another man was also hurt in the accident.

According to the report filed with the improper car seat installation crash, the woman was trying to navigate a left turn and lost control of the vehicle. All four occupants of the vehicle including two toddlers were ejected from the car when the vehicle overturned. The resulting investigation found that improper car seat installation meant that the children were not appropriately restrained. The local children’s hospital reported that the injuries sustained by the toddlers were classified as major.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions can help with improper car seat installation. Many fire departments are also willing to take a look at your car seat to make sure you have it set up correctly to minimize accident risk.

Child safety seats need to be the appropriate size and need to be installed adequately in order to minimize the chances of catastrophic injuries. If you have recently been involved in an accident in which the children were hurt, you need to consult with a lawyer in San Diego immediately.