A bizarre crash that left two people hurt involved a car flying into the second story of a building in California. Two individuals suffered minor injuries as a result of that Santa Ana accident. The car became airborne and slammed into the second story office of a dental facility. The collision happened just prior to 6 o’clock in the morning between French and 17th streets. This California crash was unexpected and unusual.

The Nissan Ultima crossed 3 different lanes on 17th before it struck a center divider. That car was then thrust into the air and hit the two-story structure. The incident also led to a follow-up fire that injured one individual who was able to get out of the Sedan without assistance. It is not uncommon for fires to break out in the midst of a serious accident, especially when a vehicle crashes into something else with incredible force. This can trap any passengers inside the car and force them to suffer devastating injuries.

Firefighters were brought to the scene immediately to extinguish that blaze. A car that suddenly becomes airborne in an accident has the potential to cause multiple other injuries and damages.

A speeding car is much more likely to strike something and fly up, causing further accidents. If you have been hurt in an accident because of a speeding or an airborne vehicle, you need assistance from an experienced San Diego personal injury lawyer. When a car strikes a solid object or even another car, the accidents that follow may be severe in nature for any victims.