There’s no doubt that vehicles today are equipped with some of the most cutting-edge technology including GPS, self-parking sensors, steering-wheel controlled accelerators, entertainment systems and even Wi-Fi internet.

But as most experts can agree, these very technologies that aim to improve our lives can actually put us in danger. Car gadgets are responsible for countless car accidents in San Diego from the distractions they cause from behind the wheel.

That’s why car gadget safety was at the forefront of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where hundreds of manufacturers featured safety products aimed at reducing the risk of car accidents. Some of the best future developments in car safety included an integrated GPS dashboard system, voice-enabled commanding, self-braking and “EyeSight” technology.


QNX, one of the main providers of vehicle safety equipment at the show, featured a built-in GPS system integrated within a vehicle’s dashboard. With this safety device, drivers could accomplish two things: understand vehicle speed in addition to mapping the route ahead – all without distraction.

Voice-activated systems were also a big hit at the show. But as many consumers already know, the in-cabin voice technologies that exist today fall short since drivers must memorize unnatural commands. Now, companies are revisiting voice-commanded equipment with a friendly nod to Siri technology found in iPhones today. Siri uses natural human language to interpret commands, diverting the user’s need to memorize complicated commands to operate the device. Vehicles are closely following suit. Hyundai is already working to introduce Siri technology in its cars.

Other notable safety vehicle features included Subaru’s “StarLink” technology which offers “smart-braking” technology that slow down the vehicle in emergency situations. Subaru also featured its up-and-coming “EyeSight” technology which uses cameras to identify road conditions, an advance in vehicle communication akin to Google’s self-driving vehicle which debuted in 2009.


While car safety continues to improve, many drivers are still at risk for causing a car accident by using distracting technology while driving. Traditional GPS devices, radios and in-cabin entertainment systems are all responsible for causing countless car accidents throughout San Diego.

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