Concussions have become a frequent topic of discussion in youth, high school and collegiate level football, and some retired professional football players have early onset dementia.  Our brain injury lawyers have been paying great attention to the discussion of concussions that happen as a result of a sports-related brain injury.

On that end, Michigan State director of sports medicine said reps from each Big Ten university will discuss concussion policies at their yearly meetings in Park Ridge, Illinois.

Big Ten medical staffs plan to examine concussion policies next week in Illinois.

Back in December, the same panel attending this meeting recommended a policy that players need to be sidelined from play until cleared by medical personnel if they show symptoms related to a concussion.  The National Football League (NFL) and the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) recommended the player sit out the rest of the game and/or practice if a concussion is diagnosed.

The topic of academics came up because according to the doctor, that aspect of life after a concussion was never brought up.

“Nobody ever looked at academically or from the standpoint of when someone has a head injury, two things happen,” he told reporters.  “One is the skull gets somewhat banged around but the brain gets injured and the brain has to heal, and the brain can get traumatized by playing sports.  But it can also get irritated quite a bit by trying to study and read and text and work on the computer and go to class.”

After these meetings, the best case scenario is that medical staffs will be able to work with university administrators and professors of Big Ten universities to put a new spin on the proposal.  The doctor hopes to get support from academic staffs at each of the colleges, so professors can understand what the player is going through.

“They may have to miss class for a couple of days and they may have to have some assistance with them, be it more time for studying, more time for test taking, whatever it takes until they are academically back to where they need to be,” he said.

Our brain injury attorneys in San Diego hope that both sides of this equation (the academic side and the athletic side) can come to a mutual understanding to help with the complicated healing process of recovering from a concussion or any other traumatic brain injury.

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