CT scans on soldiers killed in combat after their return to the U.S. has shown that a deficiency in body armor and vehicle shielding has led to their wrongful death.  While most people are not actively fighting in the war, many motorists drive on American roads daily.

What if you were involved in a car accident due to a design defect in the automobile you were driving?

Our firm’s San Diego car accident attorneys believe that driving a safe car with the proper parts and accessories is the first step to preventing an automobile accident.  Many car accidents are caused by manufacturing and design defects.  If you are in a car crash, you can experience personal injuries or a wrongful death.

Since 2004, every service man and woman killed in Iraq or Afghanistan has been given a CT scan, and since 2001, when the fighting began in Afghanistan, all have had autopsies, performed by pathologists in the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System.

The combined procedures have produced a wealth of details about injuries from bullets, blasts, shrapnel, and burns revealing that deficiencies in body armor and vehicle shielding have led to numerous combat deaths.

The military world initially doubted the usefulness of scanning corpses but now eagerly seeks data from the scans, medical examiners say, noting that on a single day in April, they received six requests for information from the Defense Department and its contractors.

The car accident attorneys at our San Diego law firm believe, just as in the case of the soldiers, if a loved one or you are involved in a car accident and suffers a personal injury from a products liability the manufacturer of the defective car then you might have a case where you can get the liable party to help you pay your medical bills.

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