We often think that rollover accidents tend to occur solely with SUVs and trucks. Given the shifted center of gravity, it’s true that most rollovers occur with larger, taller vehicles. But the truth is that rollover accidents aren’t limited to larger cars. Unfortunately, rollover car accidents can occur with any type of vehicle – even the low-sitting Toyota Prius. And in the presence of poor roadways conditions such as potholes, any kind of car can unfortunately be put right into the line of danger when it comes to rollover accidents.

According to San Diego 7 News (2/4/2015), a man was reported to have rolled his Toyota Prius after suddenly careening to the left of the roadway. Reports indicate he crossed the westbound lanes of eastbound Via de la Valle when he finally hit the dirt shoulder, causing his vehicle to flip over and come to its sudden halt. Some say the cause may have been the poor condition of the road.

Some residents have come forward noting the accident was just waiting to happen on that particular stretch of the road. Potholes and other possible roadway dangers are said to be aplenty on Via de la Valle according to neighbor comments noted in reports.

The man suffered a severe head injury and he tragically died at the scene of the accident. A Sig Alert was issued following the accident after several roadways were closed following the crash.

Officials say the street is slated to be repaved as soon as permits are approved.


Nothing can be more frustrating than running over a nasty pothole only to be left with vehicle damage, a flat tire, or worse, an accident. I recently wrote a column at the La Jolla Light that discussed some of the road problems that the city had been experiencing in recent months. But the bottom line is that many cities throughout San Diego are affected by deteriorating roadways.

Did you know you can take action if you notice bad roads around your neighborhood?


If you notice a bad pothole, it can be fixed in as quickly as nine days (according to San Diego 7 News reports). Click here to read what the city of San Diego has to say about its potholes – and what you can do to be a proactive citizen. Then, report a pothole here by submitting a service request form with the city.


If you note a severely threatening pothole or some other kind of emergency such as debris, trees or other obstacles in the road, call the Street Division Customer Service line at 619-527-7500 to report the problem as soon as possible. If the issue is eminent, call 9-11.


Depending on where you live, you may have to use another city-specific reporting system. For example, although La Jolla is its own city, it still uses the San Diego Street Division for roadway repairs including potholes. Del Mar, on the other hand, uses its own system for reporting and repairing. You may have to do some groundwork in some cases, but it is certainly worth it. And, if you do call the San Diego Street Division, they can likely forward you to the right personnel to report the issue and get it repaired.


If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident due to a pothole or other roadway hazard, you may be entitled to financial recourse. Give us a call now at 1-858-551-2090 to speak with a San Diego car accident lawyer today. There are NO FEES to speak with us and we will file your legal claim for FREE. There are no upfront costs to hire us and we only collect when we win your case. Call now.

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