It has long been theorized that driving a red car makes you more likely to be in a San Diego car accident as well as pay higher insurance rates. Despite the fact that insurance is required in 48 states as well as the District of Columbia, many individuals are still unclear about how insurance impacts their car ownership. Many individuals have popular misconceptions about premiums in policies, even though they may be aware of the state minimums for car insurance and the value of having. New research from Princeton survey research Associates international indicates that there are many different kinds of myths that consumers presently buy into when it comes to car insurance.

One of those myths had to do with the color of your vehicle and how that may or may not impact car insurance. Up to 44% of drivers in the United States believed that the color of a car does impact insurance rates. In general, driving a red car doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be paying higher insurance rates, but insurance companies do base their premiums on the type of damage that a typical model will incur in a car crash, the cost of damage to other property in vehicles, which vehicles are more frequent stolen, and vehicle claims histories. The most important factor that influences your likelihood of being in a San Diego car accident is the behavior of the driver, not the color of the car.

There are other factors, though, that can influence your car insurance rates. One of the most common impacts has to do with being accused of driving under the influence and receiving a citation as a result of this behavior. According to research conducted by, individuals with a DUI citation can expect to see their insurance rates increase by as much as 92%. Individuals who have been convicted of reckless driving and speeding more than 30 miles over the posted speed limit, too, will also face increase premiums of up to 83 percent.

Trying to steer clear of being in car accidents is one way to keep your insurance rates down. Make sure you are knowledgeable about how to best avoid car accidents, as this can keep you from paying more in terms of insurance but also out of harm’s way when it comes to life-threatening injuries typically sustained in a San Diego car accident.