Earlier this month, the San Diego community came together in support and mourning for a local family who recently lost their son in a horrific car accident just outside of a local East County high school campus.

According to San Diego 6 CW (4/30/2015), the teenager and his brother had exited one of the driveways at school when another vehicle collided into the boys’ vehicle. The force of the crash pushed the teenager’s vehicle into another car waiting to make a turn into the high school campus.

Although emergency crews treated the teenage driver, he was sadly pronounced dead due to catastrophic injury as a result of the accident. His brother was treated for serious injury and is said to have survived the accident.

The other drivers complained of pain.

Following the crash, residents wondered whether the accident could have been avoided by adding more stop signs or even an intersection to control the busy traffic that is known to back up on the high school’s campus and on nearby streets.

While city officials have said the area is historically safe, other local residents have said that too many close calls in the area demonstrate the need for additional street signage and control. Locals have argued that considering teenagers are new drivers, the area should be as safe as possible.

Reports indicate the cause of the crash was likely an unsafe driving maneuver on behalf of the teen driver.


Teen drivers are new drivers. They are inexperienced drivers, unable to make quick decisions behind the wheel when compared to a novice driver. It takes practice to become a good driver and nearly a lifetime to become a great driver. So, teen drivers – or anyone who is newly licensed – are simply in the process of learning and refining a lifelong skill. Until the skill is mastered, there is unfortunate room for error.

When it comes to teen drivers, there’s a lot that can be done, though, to increase their safety on San Diego roadways. Being proactive is just the start!


Sure, your teen has to record hours for their learner’s permit and their driver’s license but did you know that your teen could also take an additional driver’s course that teaches all about safety and how to handle an emergency? Have your teen take a teen-specific driver’s course and it may even lower your monthly insurance premium payment.


Simply saying that you’ll stop texting and driving isn’t enough for most teen drivers. Sometimes, that’s just ends up being lip service. Download a phone app that actually prevents incoming texts from reaching your teen’s phone until you are completely stopped. Texting and driving is a tragic killer in America today and statistics are on the rise. As personal injury attorneys, we encourage all parents and responsible teens to download a texting and driving app today.


Ask any adult today, and they’ll probably tell you that their first car was a dirt cheap tinker that could barely make it a couple of blocks into town. Today, though, we know better than to put our teens in cars that are potentially unsafe. When it comes to buying your teen’s first car, although price is a major factor, you may want to go for safety first followed by price. As new drivers, your teen needs all the extra safety they can get during one of the most vulnerable times of their driving history.


Sometimes, teen drivers may be involved in an accident that was not their fault. On the other hand, perhaps you have gotten into a car accident with a teen driver and you suspect it was their fault. In either case, it makes sense to speak to a personal injury attorney who can help. Give us a call today at 1-858-551-2090 for a FREE consultation. Speak with a car accident attorney today and file your claim today.

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