When children are raised to cross the street, they should be taught to look both ways before crossing the street, never cross the street if you do not have the right of way and always be mindful of your surroundings.  Cars and trucks can cause injury and wrongful death, if either drivers or pedestrians are not paying attention for the slightest period of time.

So it is always tragic when a child is injured or killed when crossing the street — especially if its caused by a hit-and-run driver. According to officials in San Bernardino County, that is exactly what happened when the wrongful death of a 5-year-old was caused by a hit-and-run pedestrian accident at the Big Bear Mountains Resort July 30, 2009.As pedestrian accident attorneys, we know how dangerous it is for pedestrians to cross the street.  Not paying attention for just a second can cause a pedestrian accident that can lead to broken bones or traumatic brain injuries like concussions.  It is also tragic when a pedestrian accident injures a child or worse causes a child’s wrongful death.

Crossing the street can be very dangerous and can cause injury or wrongful death if a person is hit by a car.

San Bernardino County sheriffs say a mother and her two sons were crossing Big Bear Boulevard at about 8:25 pm when they were hit by a sport-utility vehicle.  The driver then fled the scene of the auto accident.

The five-year-old boy’s was pronounced dead at the scene of the pedestrian accident.  His mother and 8-year-old brother were airlifted to Loma Linda University Medical Center for medical treatment of their various injuries.

The irresponsibility of the driver who hit the mother and two children upsets us pedestrian accident attorneys.  Because of the hit-and-run driver’s cowardice, proper responsibility probably will not be assigned, and now a family is now missing a valuable part of their lies.

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