When a driver makes an illegal U-turn, sometimes the consequences extend far beyond a disregard for the law. Unfortunately, despite posted signage, drivers may be tempted to carry out an illegal U-turn in order to get where they are going faster or to correct a directional mistake without getting stuck in traffic. However, laws about illegal U-turns are in place for a reason, and one of the biggest reasons has to do with preventing traffic crashes involving drivers coming from the other way.

Unfortunately, one of these accidents played out all too recently in San Diego. A driver made an illegal U-turn on State Route 67 recently and this led to a multiple car pile-up. The crash led to the highway being closed for all lanes in the midst of rush hour and it involved three vehicles in total. One passenger was lucky to walk away from the crash without any injuries, but one vehicle was set on fire. When another driver saw the accident, that person stopped in order to render assistance to anyone trapped inside.

The California Highway Patrol believes that the driver who caused the accident may be been under the influence of alcohol but an investigation is still pending. If you have recently been involved in an accident due to someone making an illegal U-turn, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries. It’s in your best interests to get medical attention whether or not you think you need it after an accident happens. Many of the most common and severe injuries do not provide immediate symptoms, including traumatic brain injuries. A doctor can help to diagnose these situations. An illegal U-turn can have deadly consequences and is never worth the risk. If you’ve been hurt in an accident like this, take steps to protect your rights.

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