“The idea they’re going to load automobiles up with all kinds of ways to be distracted — that’s not the direction we’re going, and I will speak out against it.”

That is what transportation secretary Ray LaHood said when he was asked about new in-car computers — a technology likely to create distracted drivers.

In-car computers like this one made by Audi are making its way to more cars, which can lead to even more car accidents caused by driver distractions — a rising problem for the United States. (SOURCE: New York Times)

Our car accident attorneys share LaHood’s opinion.  Of the list of things that belong in a car, computers should be placed as far down the list as possible — if they can’t be removed from the list, that is.  Cell phones cause enough problems for drivers, and nothing should be done that would make matters worse.

Car accidents caused by driver distraction have been rising since 2003.  A study done by researchers at Harvard University estimate talking on cellphones caused 2,600 wrongful death car accidents and an overall 570,000 car accidents.

At the Consumer Electronics Show, several companies demonstrated what they are developing for drivers who are looking to get these new in-car computers.

One system developed by Audi lets drivers pull up information as they drive.  For example, if you are heading somewhere, like Qualcomm Stadium, you can type “Chargers” and be forwarded to a Wikipedia entry about the stadium and the surrounding area.  When the Audi system is turned on, a note pops up that reads: “Please only use online services when traffic conditions allow you to do so safely.”

Ford’s new system, called MyFord, allows the driver to adjust things like temperature or call another person while the car is in motion, but the Web browser only works when the car is parked.

While it is true that there are precautions and warnings for use of the Web browsing, but the safest automobile Web browsing is no automobile Web browsing.  Web browsing, talking on a cell phone or watching a DVD while driving can cause a car accident that can result in serious personal injuries or wrongful death.

Our car accident lawyers know that new technology makes its way to many aspects of life, but driving should not be one of those things.  When you’re driving, you should only be concerned about one thing: the road.  Your email, your phone calls, your text messages.  All of those things should be a distant second until you get to your destination.

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