New cars and trucks will be required to have bigger and stronger side air bags to prevent drivers or passengers from being tossed out of cars in rollover crashes.

The proposals are a new government plan to help address injuries and wrongful deaths in rollover car accidents.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the plan, combined with anti-rollover technology, will try to lower the more than 10,000 wrongful deaths that happen every year.

Our car accident attorneys know that all car accidents can cause serious injury or wrongful death if severe enough, but rollover car accidents have added dangers because of the possibility of you or other passengers hitting more than one part of the body in a single car accident, most specifically, your head.

According to the details of the new plan, car makers would have to meet new performance standards in rollover crashes.  Side-curtain air bags will have to be made larger and cover more of the window opening.  Those air bags will also need to be able to be inflated longer.  The government believes new requirements for side air bags will save over 400 lives every year.  The auto industry has to start put the new air bags starting in 2014, and all vehicles need the new airbags by 2017.

The plan applies to cars that weigh 10,000 pounds or less and is estimated at costing $54 per car or about $920 million dollars every year.

Our car accident lawyers believe that car makers and government agencies need to work together to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.  Proposals like these from the NHTSA may seem like a lot of work, but preventing lives should always be in the minds of car makers and agencies with the responsibility of keeping drivers safe.

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