A toddler, an infant, and three women were hospitalized in late February as a result of serious injuries when their minivan was hit by a car going at a very high speed in downtown El Cajon.

A woman driving at freeway speeds in the residential area hit a curb, hit a utility pole, street sign, and a traffic light before going through the intersection despite a red light. The speed limit posted in the area is 35 miles per hour but according to the witness, the woman who caused the accident was probably going around 80 miles per hour.

Both cars came to a stop just a few feet after the accident happened. The children in the vehicle were hurt and the newborn sustained a skull fracture and was listed in critical condition on Friday night. Any individual who is speeding significantly through a residential area can compromise the safety of pedestrians, bicyclist and other passengers in vehicles. Not following the rules of the road as far as traffic signs and signals can also cause dangerous accidents.