New York lawmakers have a new piece of legislation in front of them that will try to keep convicted DUI offenders from becoming repeated offenders by installing breathalyzers in their cars so that they cannot get into other drunk driving car accidents.

Being San Diego car accident lawyers, we know how much pain and suffering alcohol related accidents can cause, with some cases resulting in fatal auto accidents.  Drivers convicted of DUI’s hopefully learn their lesson the first time, but that does not always happen and those found guilty of drunk driving can cause other drunk driving accidents.

Car accident statistics from 2007 showed 12,998 drunk driving fatal car accidents around the country, a decline from the 13,491 drunk driving deaths that were reported in 2006.  In New York alone survey’s show just over 1,300 fatal drunk driving accidents in 2007 and 2006 there were 1,454 deaths.

The main focus of the bill would require a breathalyzer test to start the car of a driver convicted of a DUI, part of a program called “ignition interlocking program.”  The system would be installed in cars belonging to any person convicted of a drunk driving accident in the State of New York.

For the car accident lawyers at our San Diego firm, it is a core belief that the government should do everything in their power to enact laws that would hopefully prevent drunk driving accidents from ever occurring in the first place.

Don’t you want to do everything in your power to make sure you do not to lose your life because someone else was negligent with alcohol and decided to drive drunk?

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