Are you the type of person who relies on public transportation or Uber when you need to get somewhere? That kind of behavior is relatively common these days, but there may also be occasions when you need to operate a car. Do you notice that your driving ability comes right back like riding a bike, or is there any adjustment period?

Researchers now believe that these occasional drivers can present some interesting information to the study of vehicle accidents.

A new study shows that ownership of cars is on the decline. Services like Zipcar and the reliance on Lyft and Uber in metropolitan areas means that many people don’t own a vehicle at all. This, however, is supported by studies that predict a continuing decrease in car ownership.

This means that there will be more people who will only get behind the wheel occasionally, renting cars when they need one. Safety experts have spent a great deal of time determining whether someone’s lack of experience on the road, old age or a variety of other factors may influence their ability to safely drive a car but safety experts have not dedicated as much time to looking at occasional drivers or those people who only get behind the wheel of a car every so often, typically a rental car they are not familiar with.

Someone who is driving a rental car or who does not have a great deal of driving experience may face a higher likelihood of a severe accident. If you have already been critically injured in an accident by a driver who didn’t have much experience or wasn’t safely operating the car, you need the help of an experienced personal injury attorney immediately.

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