A woman walking along I-5 near National City was hit and killed by a car earlier this week when a Honda Accord crashed into her early in the morning. As soon as the accident happened, the driver of the vehicle pulled over and called for assistance. After the accident, three of the northbound lanes were closed by the California Highway Patrol.

The accident highlights two car accident concerns: just how dangerous it is to be a pedestrian, particularly on a busy highway, and the importance of letting the authorities know when an accident happens. If you ever spot a pedestrian on a congested highway, you may want to alert the police. Although more rural and residential areas have sidewalks or safety crossing areas designated for pedestrians, a highway is one of the most dangerous places for a pedestrian to be.

Aside from having no access to safety features like crosswalks or sidewalks, drivers simply are not expecting pedestrians to be moving along a highway. Since they’re more difficult to spot, especially at night, a pedestrian is already at an increased risk for an accident just by being on the road.

Accidents like this can also raise legal questions about who is responsible for the accident. While pedestrians generally have the right of way on other roads, you need to speak to a personal injury lawyer about your rights and what kinds of legal issues this might present.

Pedestrian accidents can yield some of the most severe car accidents in San Diego and beyond. You need to get medical attention for all people involved in an accident as soon as possible. Your next step may be to speak with a personal injury attorney if the accident was caused by someone else.

Being aware and reacting quickly can help to prevent pedestrian accidents.


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