The Dallas Morning News is reporting that a new proposal could reward states for creating distracted driving laws.  Such laws could help state lawmakers take more positive steps to prevent car accidents caused by drivers who use cell phones at the wheel.

The rabid desire for laws against using a cell phone while driving has lead to state laws being passed to prevent car accidents caused by distracted driving.  Distracted driving increases the chances of personal injuries and wrongful deaths on the road.

Laws against texting while driving exist in 28 states and the District of Columbia, and this proposal could help get the other 22 states on board.

Senate proposal would reward states that draft distracted driving laws.

The new proposal — which, in a short time, will be going to the full Senate — would create a $94 million program to give out grants to states that pass distracted driving laws.  Texting or talking on a cell phone would become illegal.  Senators of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee all see the dangers distracted driving poses.

“All would agree that driving while distracted poses serious safety risks not only to the drivers, but to passengers, pedestrians and anyone sharing the road,” said Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, a senior senator on the committee.

A high standard is required to get the federal grants, requiring states to pass bills against texting while driving and talking on a cell phone while driving.  Not only that, but these legal measures have to feature primary enforcement — meaning drivers can be pulled over for any and all infractions of being distracted behind the wheel.

Also required by these new proposal is the need for the U.S. Transportation Department to pass new regulations for commercial and bus drivers.  Automakers would also be prohibited from installing entertainment screens that are in a driver’s view or in any way catches their eye.

State and federal lawmakers are doing everything in their power to prevent drivers from being distracted, and our car accident lawyers in San Diego applaud their efforts.  In time, hopefully all states will pass laws like these because there is only one thing that should be on your mind when you’re behind the wheel: driving.

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