According to the World Health Organization (WHO), car accidents are the top killers of 10-24 year olds worldwide, costing approximately 400,000 lives per year.  In 2006, the USA had 42,642 deaths at the result of a police-reported car accident, says a 2006 NHTSA car safety factsheet.   35-40% of the fatalities caused by car accidents involving 15-24 year old male drivers were the direct result of speeding in automobiles. 

Our auto accident lawyers are greatly concerned about young people’s decisions to race illegally and/or speed because it can endanger the lives of themselves and others around them in the event of a serious motor vehicle accident.

Racing in cars should only be done in the appropriate arena to reduce the risk of serious injuries in the case of a auto accident.  Some tracks or stadiums allow amateur car racing, like car racing events at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA.   Qualcomm Stadium rents their huge parking lot to a grassroots, community coalition called “Closing the Loop.”

Aspiring car racers must pre-register and pay a fee.  Paying to race on a track is a much safer alternative than street racing.  Car racers on a designated racing track do not run the risk of driving into oncoming traffic, for example.  If a car accident occurs, there is emergency staff on hand to immediately respond with medical treatment to an auto accident on the Qualcomm course.

This event has greatly reduced the amount of illegal street-racing activity in cars within San Diego.  Between 2002 and 2005, deaths in San Diego related to illegal car racing activity has been reduced by 94%.  This shows that by offering legal alternatives to illegal activities, we, the community, can protect lives by reducing the number of car accidents caused by racing.

We encourage parents to teach their children the risks and consequences of speeding and illegal street races.  Make your teen driver aware of the dangers of becoming involved in a serious automobile accident as the result of speeding or racing.

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