In this high-speed information age, TVs encourage a lot of multitasking: While watching the big screen TV, lots of people are looking away to surf the Web with the computer on their lap or their mobile device in their hand.  And it still has the possibility to create distracted drivers.

A television set may be the most expensive, eye-catching piece of electronic equipment in a household, but compared to a computer with Internet access, it is just an outdated piece of technology.

True, this idea seems to be extremely innovative, but our car accident lawyers have additional concerns that these new TVs will cause auto accidents if they are installed in cars.  What has happened to computers over the years of development?  They have become much smaller and more portable.  With the emergence of a computer TV, the next step is making a smaller computer TV.

That is why Samsung Electronics introduced a television with truly integrated Internet smarts: the $3,000 Samsung LED TV 7000 with the Yahoo Widget Engine.  It lets people watch TV and access the Web on the same big screen at the same time, with special on-screen applications that appear on a strip at the bottom of the screen and fetch online content.

Ford is already installing computers into several of their 2009 model cars for internet access.  With the emergence of the computer TV, eventually, it may be small enough to be installed in cars, and most likely, it will increase the number of distracted driver car accidents.

What happens when drivers are distracted?  Car accidents occur.  Personal injuries that require medical treatment arise.  Sometimes, in the worst of cases, wrongful deaths are the biproduct of negligent driving, but one way or another pain and suffering is involved.

TV is different from internet browsing in a certain way.  Browsing may be done in intervals, but TV does not stop for anyone.  What if a certain driver’s favorite show comes on right as a little kid is crossing the street?  A wrongful death accident would be in the works.

That is why we, as car accident lawyers, do not particularly support the development of the computer TV, despite the greatly added accessibility and convenience it provides.  Our car accident law firm believes that safety is the most important factor in any consideration, so no matter how much added convenience it provides, we feel that it may compromise the safety of every car driver and passenger on the road.

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