When purchasing a car, many consumers are tempted to purchase a motor vehicle that looks the best or may even have the best commercial.  Our car accident attorneys would like to give you a different perspective about some motor vehicle safety features and why they might prevent an auto accident as well as save lives.  Here are several important modern safety features to look for when purchasing your next car, or when doing a safety evaluation on your motor vehicle.

1.    High Crash Test Scores: Almost all motor vehicle makes and models for sale in the United States are supposed to undergo a series of crash tests conducted by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  The most important crash ratings to look for are those for front and side car crashes and rollover resistance, as most serious injuries occur as a result of these types of auto accidents.

2.    Antilock Braking System: When used properly, these new brake systems should allow for shorter stopping distances on slippery roads, and maintenance of steering control.  They are also important in preventing vehicles from hydroplaning, which could potentially prevent a serious personal injuries.

3.    Side-Impact Airbags: Front driver and passenger airbags are now required in all makes and models of vehicles as a necessary safety feature.  Additionally, many makes and models of vehicles also include side-impact and side curtain airbags as well.  Side-impact airbags are very important for protecting the torso of the occupants since there is no crumple zone to absorb the shock from a side auto accident collision.  Therefore, these airbags have been proven to save many lives in side auto accident collisions and are a very important safety feature in all vehicles.

4.    Side Curtain Airbags: Not to be confused with side-impact airbags, which protect the torso, side curtain airbags are intended to protect the head and prevent a spinal cord injury in a side collision car accident.  Again, there is not as much crumple zone to absorb the shock of side collisions, so side curtain airbags are very important, and are becoming a standard feature in most makes and models of vehicles.

5.    Rear-Parking Sensors: Especially important on larger vehicles such as trucks and SUVs, which provide larger rear blind spots, these sensors are especially useful in detecting objects as well as small children who may not be visible through the rear window or rear-view mirror.  Many vehicles are now also coming equipped with rear cameras, which have already proven to be helpful in preventing a number car and pedestrian accidents.

6.    Good Tires: While this may seem like an obvious statement, many people tend to overlook the safety advantages of well-maintained tires.  A bad set of wheels have been proven to be a major cause of accidents due to tire blowout.  Be sure to have your tires rotated, properly inflated air pressure, and replaced regularly to ensure maximum safety.  Also, it is a good idea to examine the tire’s brand.

7.    Cargo Netting or a Cargo Cage: Many injuries in car accidents result from objects inside the vehicle striking the occupants and causing bodily harm.  Cargo nets can help to reduce and even prevent these types of injuries that can occur when involved in an auto accident.

But no matter how safe your car is, it is a good idea — and a requirement in the state of California — to purchase the best auto insurance policy available.

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