Imagine this scenario:  You are walking over a bridge after enjoying the 4th of July firework festivities with your loved ones when all of a sudden the bridge you thought was safe — collapses — sending you plunging into the water below.

This was the case for a 37-year-old woman Gary, Indiana.  She was amongst one of the people personally injured when a pedestrian bridge in Northwestern Indiana collapsed after a fireworks show.  After dropping into the water, the woman reportedly suffered spinal cord injuries and leg fractures.

Our personal injury lawyers know that unfortunate accidents like these happen because of simple miscalculations.  According to officials, the bridge was only designed to hold 40 people, but the number on the bridge far exceeded that number.

When accidents like this happen, it can lead to a lot of people needing medical treatment.  If you have insurance or you don’t have insurance, getting treatment can be difficult.  Our personal injury lawyers have a medical treatment resource page that can help you get the medical attention you need.

Often times accidents happen when you are not at fault and least expecting it.  Our personal injury attorneys know that not all accidents that happen are car accidents.  Often times you can be an innocent bystander when you are just walking.

The woman’s attorney says it is “inexcusable” an estimated 100 people were allowed on a bridge that wasn’t supposed to hold more than 40.  The lawsuit names Ross Township and the township trustee as defendants and seeks a total of $5.5 million.  About 50 people spilled into a lake when the bridge collapsed and suffered personal injuries.

As personal injury attorneys, we know that this accident could have been avoided if the town had posted proper signs with the maximum capacity and weight limits of the bridge.  Often times personal injuries that are the result of pedestrian accidents are not your fault and if someone else is at fault we believe they should be held accountable.

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