daniel capuzzi
April 29, 2024

My attorney at Pines Salomon, Kayla Lynk, navigated the maddening labyrinth of the health insurance system with masterful skill and negotiated a settlement far beyond what I had thought possible. I was completely satisfied and highly recommend their services.

Russell Pelto
April 26, 2024

Pines and Salomon are the epitome of professional and competent. The other driver’s insurance company made an offer that would not even cover my income from lost wages. The people at Pines Salomon handled everything and got me a fair settlement. Thank you!

Jamie Patel
April 21, 2024

Laura took care of my case after I got into a bad car accident. She was absolutely amazing! She explained everything, kept me informed on where we were in the process, and genuinely cared about me. I am so grateful for her and her team!

Leiha Noriega
April 18, 2024

I can’t say enough good things about my experience of working with attorney Laura Lindsey! She has incredible real world as well as legal insight, and helped me throughout my case. Without getting too deeply into the details, she was an absolute advocate and quite frankly, a miracle worker. I absolutely recommend her and the Pines Salomon team!

Justin Colquitt
April 2, 2024

Everyone at Pines Salomon Injury Lawyers that worked on my case were extremely helpful and easy to reach. They were patient with all of my questions and took the time to make sure I understood what every step involved. They helped me find the resources needed to get back to full health and were very thorough with all aspects of the case.

Stephen Smith
March 26, 2024

I want to share my experience with Pines Salomon Injury Lawyers, LLP. I met Aaron through a mutual friend and from the very beginning I felt confident that my case was in the right hands. His experience and expertise was apparent as he carefully guided me through the process. The staff, specifically Aracely, was prompt, kind and professional. Together they managed to not only win my case, but negotiated for a larger settlement than originally offered as well as negotiating with my health insurance company to reduce my medical bills. Thanks 1,000,000 Aaron!

amir sadeghi
March 26, 2024

I can tell the difference between good lawyers and low performers as we had to change our lawyer. Once we chose Aaron, he did a great job on maximizing our share and walked us step by step throughout the process. He is a great leader and easy to talk person who is always available for any questions.

Brandon Parman
March 12, 2024

I have a couple of things I would like to say about this law firm and all of the people that helped and represented my case. Laura Lindsey and her team made me feel safe and represented as a human being with rights. It’s scary going with through a traumatic accident and obtaining injuries that might impact your life forever. Laura took the time to help me understand step by step everything Im entitled to because of my injury. For a year an a half she took care of me and kept me updated but most of all she got me the most absolutely best deal to help me. Laura Lindsey is the woman to call, to get the absolute best representation for your injury case. She can take cases In California and in Texas. Laura if you’re seeing this, there is so much more I want to thank you for but there isn’t enough words in the English dictionary. But let me just say this. Thank you, thank you for protecting my rights and helping me get the medical care I needed. Thank for treating me like a human being.

Jacob Schroeder
March 11, 2024

I got hit by a car while riding my motorcycle. After healing enough to competently communicate I reached out to Pine Solomon for help. Attorney Laura Lindsay took the case within the hour. Lightning fast communication assessing my case alongside above and beyond efficient collecting of police report(s), medical bill(s), video and picture evidence, as well as other documents led to a settlement offer being proposed far faster than I thought possible. This was extremely important as while injured with mounting bills it could have been even more life ruining had this not been treated with such care and expediency. Further, their negotiating for me was just as fast with no compromises and a great deal of informative discourse between Laura and I keeping me apprised of proceedings. Beyond Laura who took the time to personally see to my case and speak at length with me on all concerns I had, Aracely Valadez was a treasure, both knowledge and personality wise, to speak with anytime i called, emailed, messaged, or visited. The rest of the team at Pines Solomon utilized their extensive experience to reinforce Laura's already formidable capabilities which led to a more than satisfying end to my legal troubles. Laura and company provided a peace of mind that allowed me to deal with other areas of my life while they fought that battle for me. I would 100% return to them for any future issues and I sincerely appreciate them for their kindness to me and their ruthless drive to fight for me. Reach out to Pines Solomon for representation now if you want the very best legal team possible.

February 9, 2024

I just finished working with this firm on my car accident case, receiving the best possible outcome. I feel strongly that this was due to the expertise and diligence of Kayla Lynk and her team. Kayla was very professional throughout the whole process and patient with me in explaining all the steps. Just as important as her professionalism, I felt she was a caring advocate during a difficult time. Aracely Valadez was also very pleasant to work with, she really kept on top of all the communications. I highly recommend this law firm.

Taha Hilal
February 6, 2024

Amazing team amazing Lawyer up-to-date on everything all the time they really know what they’re doing and he wouldn’t have to worry about anything they answer calls immediately and everything to make sure you get most possible

Hillary Ervin
January 29, 2024

I was referred to Kayla at Pines Saloman following a very negative experience at a previous firm in the San Diego area. Kayla and her team went above and beyond to support me throughout my case. I have no legal knowledge and was entirely unfamiliar with the process. Throughout, Kayla explained everything in detail to me and ensured that I fully understood. I felt confident in the decisions that I had to make and well supported during the various stages and interactions. The outcome of my case was far better than I could have imagined and I feel confident that Kayla's attention to detail and expertise played a big role in the outcome. I am extremely grateful that Kayla was able to work with me throughout this process.

Evelyn O
January 24, 2024

I called this law firm to arrange a free attorney consultation and spoke to Arecely for my intake questions. She was extremely helpful with my insurance question before I even spoke to an attorney! I believe staff members are important in the success of a law firm and I hope I never have to call them again, but I know who to recommend the next time a need arises.

Edith Robles
January 16, 2024

I absolutely loved working with Julie and her team! From the first conversation we had, she was very thorough in explaining everything and leaving from no room for questions because she answered everything I was going to ask. I trusted her completely in helping me through the process. Thank you everyone at Pines for always being kind and answering in a timely manner when I had questions or concerns!

Vanessa P
December 18, 2023

This is the second time I have sought out help for an accident, and Ms. Julie specifically. I have nothing but good things to say. She is exceptional at what she does. Communicative, efficient, and lays out all options available to you in a manner that allows you to easily understand what's going on and how to move forward. I couldn't have been happier with her help. A big thank you to her assistant, Ms. Aracely as well. She is quick to respond to any sort of communication I sent her way and kept things flowing. Amazing teamwork. If that is any sort of reflection on the firm as a whole, I recommend highly.

thanh nguyen
December 15, 2023

I was in a car accident back in 2021 and I had asked my cousin to help me find an attorney. I'm not sure who or how many different firm my cousin contacted, but I'm glad Pines Salomon was the first one to reach out to me. Julie Glisan, Laura Lindsey, Aracely Valadez and all of their team members were extremely helpful and kind. I appreciate that they were thorough, transparent , and easy to communicate with. I've had quite a few billing obstacles with this case and it caused more stress than I needed while trying to heal, but Julie, Laura, Aracely and team stepped in and made the whole process a lot less stressful for me. I've had a wonderful experience with Pines Salomon and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs the help.

Patrick Mercier
December 14, 2023

Very friendly, supremely helpful, and overall did a great job. Never thought I'd use such a law firm, but I'm glad I did!

Gabe Messercola
December 7, 2023

Aaron remained available from day 1 of my accident through the final settlement. I could call him directly any time and if he missed the call he’d always get right back to me. I was extremely impressed with the firm’s organization and they always treated me with the highest level of professionalism.

Zachari McClain
December 4, 2023

Aaron Salomon represented me when I was struck by a car on my motorcycle. He and his team made certain that I got the best care possible from reputable specialists around San Diego. I was prioritized as a patient in those offices, sometimes getting same day appointments, and received treatment my health insurance would have otherwise denied me to, despite needing it. This team is made up of a real people that will have a real conversation with you. I would recommend them a million times over. Thank you.

Claire New
December 4, 2023

Kayla was instrumental in helping me through a stressful time following a car wreck. Her support and guidance were invaluable during this difficult period. I couldn't recommend her services enough!

Jimmy E
November 12, 2023

Courteous & professional attorney will listen to your situation & the incident that got you hurt. Made good recommendations & if they can help will take your case.

Kari Walden
November 7, 2023

My daughter found Pines Salomon while I was hospitalized after being hit by a car. My daughter, who’s a Smithsonian estate sales expert, did the research, and helped me find Pines Salmon, and I’m so glad she did. She liked that this firm had good reviews and that they specialized in car accidents. The first offer from the insurance company, Liberty Mutual, was just $3,000. It was a battle, but, my case settled for over $50,000, which is almost 20 times what was initially offered. I was able to focus on getting better, and the stress of the legal aspect was handled by my attorneys. Anytime I have called the office, I have received warm greetings from everyone. The office has kept me up to date throughout the process. I am super satisfied with outcome of my case and would wholeheartedly recommend Pines Salomon to anyone that needed a San Diego personal injury attorney.

Cristina McGraw
October 24, 2023

Julie and her wonderful staff worked to get me an unexpectedly large settlement for my accident. They were always professional and thorough.

William B. Glassman
September 17, 2023

Easy to work

Sir S
September 5, 2023

I am so happy I decided to call Pines Saloman Injury Lawyers. Just like many people who get into an accident, I had no idea what to do or where to start. Kayla and Aracely went above and beyond and answered all my questions. When it was time to review the offer, the insurance adjuster initially gave me a low offer. Kayla worked her magic TWICE and was able to max out the at-faults insurance and ALSO get the most from my UIM coverage. Thank you Kayla, Aracely and your team for taking care of my case.

Marcello Sammartano
August 19, 2023

I would highly recommend using Pines Salomon Injury Lawyers to anyone needing professional assistance with their injury case. The lawyers working with me were very informative as to what their abilities were and what they could fight for based on my desired results. After objectives were decided, they were transparently informative when explaining what progresses were made, as well as when better results were achievable through an alternate route.

James Slade
August 15, 2023

I had a good experience with the Attorneys of Pines Salomon. I knew I was in great hands from the start. Although my case took several years to settle. Aaron gave me confidence that I had a good case and I trusted my attorney Julie Glisan all the way. She was always there to answer my questions and I valued her guidance and insight. As a result she won my case and I was very satisfied with my settlement.

Natasha Crasovscaia
August 10, 2023

My chiropractor suggested me to contact this firm after a car accident where car insurance of the person in charge of the accident were trying to escape from covering the costs of the accident. Going through head concussion I figured I need help and contacted Pines Salomon. I am so glad I did that as they made the whole process a pleasure instead of confrontation. If fact they did everything on my behalf. I only had to communicate with them and it is was always a pleasure. They were easy to reach, fast to reply and on top of everything. And the result was amazing - the resolution of the case was great and I would never reach that if I was communicating with the insurance company myself. Thanks to Kayla and the entire office for the great ride! I will recommend you guys to anyone who needs help.

Alexander Cannon
May 9, 2023

Professional and successful experience with getting my injury settlement reached.

Tamika Jones
April 1, 2023

I love this law firm they handled my case a few years back and did an outstanding job got me back 10,000 would definitely recommend

erika tunney ho
February 26, 2023

Excellent care.

Madam Awring Dayang
February 3, 2023

Ms Kayla Lynk,can’t thank you enough for your help,easy to reach out for anything about my case,were so greatly appreciated your help,thank you thank you thank you! Best lawyer 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

mimi jajo
January 18, 2023

I can’t even begin to describe how appreciative I am of Julie Glisan and her team! I received some bad burns from a coffee spill and contacted Pines Salomon Injury Lawyers through their website. I got extremely quick help within an hour. Julie was extremely attentive when I was explaining my situation and was beyond informative. I could not have asked for better help, honestly. She continued to help me through the process with small claims court and explained everything perfectly. She offered amazing advice that I am now taking. Thanks to Julie, I didn’t mindlessly accept a lowball offer and now know the process to take to make sure I’m not taken advantage of. I’m not one to normally write reviews, but Julie and her team are amazing and I want to make sure people know this. I highly recommend Pines Salomon to anyone who needs assistance regarding legal advice and anyone who is in need of a lawyer.

Nancy Amyot
November 10, 2022

After an injury, a family member suggested that I contact a law firm. I researched on Yelp and decided to contact Pines Solomon Injury Lawyers after reading all the positive reviews. My experience with this firm was excellent and the people I worked with were professional. They took time to review my case and guided me through the process. I felt that they were looking out for my best interest by explaining options to help with my case. Kayla regularly kept me informed as my case progressed. This made my experience stress-free. I would strongly recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for an injury lawyer.

Chelsea Dion
September 13, 2022

I was so lucky to have my friend/chiropractor refer Aaron from Pine Salomon after my friends and I were in a head on collision with a drunk driver while in a Lyft. They made sure I saw the best therapists and received all treatment I needed for my injuries. When all was said and done, Aaron got my medical bills reduced, paid and left me with nothing to worry about. Thank you for fighting for me! I couldn’t be more thankful.

irina Cohen
August 23, 2022

My husband and I were rear-ended at the intersection in La Jolla while standing at the red light. We went to urgent care and were both in pain from whiplash. The at-fault insurance company offered unreasonable compensation which wouldn’t have be enough to cover our urgent care or the required chiropractor visits. We continued to experience related symptoms and after reading the reviews for Pines Salomon Injury Lawyers we decided to call them. Our experience with both attorneys was great, Laura and Kayla, guided us through the appropriate medical care, and Kayla settled the case with the insurance company, achieving the greatest results. I definitely recommend the Pines Salomon Injury Lawyers. Thank you for your professionalism and help!

john stewart
August 15, 2022

Good attorneys who make sure that you’re taken care of and you will be alright. I was driving a small Honda Accord when a large tractor trailer decided to change lanes ontop of me and I had no where to go. Was taken to Sharp Memorial hospital in the trauma section. Wanted the best possible personal injury attorney in San Diego so did a lot of online research and after hired Pines Salomon as they were highly referred by people in their reviews (read many of them) and because Mike Pines was a former insurance company attorney and wasn’t afraid to go after commercial insurance. Pines Salomon went out of their way to make sure I saw the best doctors. And the staff was great from the start to the finish. And of course they did great as they got me a huge amount of money at the end. Thank you, again!

L'Vaughn Aguayo
May 27, 2022

I am extremely happy with San Diego Injury Law Center. Rachel and Mitch are both professional and offered great legal advise following my car accident. They were incredibly helpful in finding me the best doctors and made certain I received the proper amount to cover all damage and injuries. I highly recommend this Law Center to anyone looking to be fully compensated after a collision.

Gustavo Sanchez
May 23, 2022

It's being a pleasure having AAron my attorney.and the great out come of my well as their staff.shawn.and again.

May 21, 2022

I used Pines Salomon APC after an accident caused by another driver left me with a totaled car and some injuries. I was extremely stressed out about it all when I reached out to Pines Salomon. Within the first conversation, I immediately felt at ease and knew I was in good hands. Any time I had a question, I had no problems reaching my attorney, Aaron, and he was happy to make sure I understood the process. I’ve never felt the kind of ease I felt with these guys. I never once had to question if my case was moving along or if they were returning calls to my insurance provider. As a bonus, my settlement ended up being more than I anticipated, and I could not have been more grateful to them for that. When it came time to sign some final paperwork at their office and collect my settlement check, I was pleasantly surprised to meet Michael Pines who presented me with a box of gourmet chocolates as my parting gift, so to speak. It was a very nice, personable touch and it just solidified for me that I made the right choice with them. Thank you so much!

Eleonor O.
May 10, 2022

Thank you, Julie Glisan for everything. You’re an amazing attorney!

Eric Loveday
April 19, 2022

My mother-in-law was involved in a horrific accident that permanently altered her life. Our family was devastated, overwhelmed, concerned and left with many unanswered questions. No amount of words could express how impactful the team at Pine Salomon Injury Lawyers have been to our family. The professionalism, the empathy regarding the sensitivity of the matter and tackling the hardest aspects of the situation so that our family could focus on what matter most, her recovery. During the entire process our family never felt abandoned, left in the dark or seeking answers. We were given prompt updates on the case and received wellness checks on mother-in-laws recovery process. Aaron Salomon always had our families best interest at heart and ensured that every step in this process went smoothly. He went far beyond my expectations and I never found myself unable to reach him when our family needed his assistance. We are happy to say that our case was successful and that aspect of our life is put behind us. We can now focus on healing and providing the best possible treatment plan for my mother-in-law. I appreciate the fact that Aaron is still taking the time to check up on us time to time. All I can say is give this man and his team a few minutes of your time and you can see why we speak so highly of them. Our family is thankful to everyone at Pine Salomon Injury Lawyers.

Thomas Purtil
March 18, 2022

Good people

Mark Alcabasa
January 28, 2022

Pines Salomon Injury Lawyers is a life saver. I had my first accident last March when a sedan near ended me while waiting on traffic. I was really in bad shape a day after the accident and could barely stand on my own. Not knowing anything in regard of this kind of setback, Atty Julie Glisan explain everything I needed to know not only that she's mainly concern about my physical wellness. She solely handle all of my appointment schedule for my treatment and constantly ask how I was feeling. To me that is the meaning of having a genuine person on your side and I'm really happy I found Pines Salomon Injury. Not worrying about the hassle of talking to different people and setting up my own schedule was a relief. I was able to recover fully within months of on going treatment and finally have my lifestyle back again. I wanna personally thank Atty. Glisan and the staff for their outstanding work on my case. I would definitely recommend their firm to my family and friends. Once again, Thank you!

Amy Ciccone
September 20, 2021

I had a great experience. Everyone was very helpful and responsive to everything. Laura Lindsey is a real asset to the company

andrew Kim
August 11, 2021

I had an Uber accident and was transferred to ER in 2018 Dec in Chula Vista. One of my friend recommended me Pines Saloman. (he also had an accident before and had a great experience from Pines Saloman) Julie from Pines Saloman have been helping me with this case a lot easier. The process is much simple with their professional operation. Various types of medical treatments have been done and Julie and her team were extremely supportive to get through this injury. It will definitely recommend to my family or friend if they have any legal process from an accident. Thank you so much Julie and Pine saloman team!

Tara Cornett
August 11, 2021

The entire Pines Salomon staff was wonderful to work with. They truly care about their clients and take the time to make sure all of your questions are answered and that your case is handled with care - and that you are compensated to the extent you should be. I hope I never have to work with an attorney due to an accident again, but if I do I will absolutely be working with this team!!

Юрий Хуев
August 10, 2021

I visited their website, connected with their representative via chat and requested call back. Attorney Lora Lindsey called me back in 5 minutes. It was pleasure to talk with her, she gave me comprehensive answers to all my questions. Highly recommeded.

knight D
July 19, 2021

Michael, Aaron and the rest of the team have been incredibly helpful at every single step of the way. I was a pedestrian involved in a motor vehicle accident while visiting San Diego from an oversea nation. I sustained traumatic brain injury from the accident. I was very scared and concerned of the outcome of the injury. I did not know what to expect of the future or what to do, apart from trying to focus on my recovery one day at a time. Being an oversea visitor, I hardly knew anyone in San Diego or understood the local system. Very fortunately, I was still able to communicate just enough through messages and eventually phone calls to the team at Pines Salomon. I remembered speaking to Madelynn at the beginning, and then to both Michael and Aaron. They all have been very understanding, very sympathetic and accommodating. The level of expertise from Michael and Aaron was extremely comforting and reassuring, especially when my focus was to try to get better. Even when I needed to leave the US, the support and professionalism continued uninterrupted. When a horrible event like this occurred to me with no particular reason, the whole world went upside down. It was easy to get lost in all kind of thoughts and emotions; and in fear. The damage extended to family. I was very grateful to have found Pines Salomon team and to be able to reach out to them when I needed. They took care of it, letting me able to just focus on my recovery. If you find yourself in such a position, I reassure you that contacting Pines and Salomon team will help bring faith back and get your life back on track.

Rudy Chavez
June 24, 2021

After a head on car crash, caused by a DUI driver, who died at the scene, my wife and I had to research for lawyers, due to our injuries. We checked the reviews and felt that Pines Salomon had a great reputation so we met with them. Julie was amazing, always professional and very informative, the only thing she asked of us, was to trust in their knowledge and protocols. We are glad we listened to her. The insurance settled our case, thanks to Salomon Pines, we did not have to worry with the financial part of the distress, we were able to focus on our health and continue the journey to a full healing, hopefully in the near future. We highly recommend Salomon Pines.