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The Team at Pines Salomon Injury Lawyers APC in San Diego CA

As a local boutique law firm exclusively serving the San Diego community for over 30 years, Pines Salomon Injury Attorneys provides you with a personalized experience from an experienced team.

You benefit from one-on-one attention that many larger or multiple market firms simply can’t match. Our comprehensive approach to client representation ensures a uniquely tailored experience. This level of personal connection means you’ll know your lawyers intimately, and we’ll understand your needs deeply, fostering a strong, effective partnership.

When you partner with Pines Salomon Injury Attorneys, you’re getting:

  • A truly local experience. We’ve been part of the San Diego community for over 30 years. One local office. One local team. Our comprehensive approach to representation goes beyond the typical client relationship—you become a valued member of our local family.
  • A competitive advantage. Our founder, Michael Pines, brings a unique perspective to the firm, having once served as an attorney for insurance companies. His intimate understanding of the tactics used by these companies is unmatched by other firms in San Diego.
  • Direct access to attorneys & partners. Unlike the big firms, you’re not left winding your way through layers of associates. You can text your attorney directly 24/7 – providing you with expert advice when you need it.
  • A fully customized legal strategy. Recognizing the distinct nature of each case, we carefully work with the cases we can best add value to—guaranteeing personalized attention and customized legal strategies for every client. This holistic approach has consistently resulted in substantial settlements and a 99% success rate.
  • A proven track record. Our substantial settlements, successful verdicts, and hundreds of 5-star reviews speak volumes about our dedication and results.

There are a lot of personal injury law firms to choose from in San Diego, but we like to think we stand out at the Pines Salomon Injury Lawyers, because we’re different from the others. Not only do we help our clients receive proper compensation for their personal injuries, but we also put a human face on the law. To learn more, meet the team or contact us today!

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Vehicle Accidents

Our proven, nationally-recognized lawyers have helped people just like you get their lives back on track. If you have been injured in a car accident, we can help.

Auto & Car Accidents

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Drunk Driving DUI Accidents

Semi-Truck Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Uber, Lyft, and Ride-Sharing Accidents

Personal Injury

Since 1992, our personal injury lawyers have helped people in San Diego, people just like you, file a personal injury claim with an insurance company to seek compensation.

Personal Injury

Whiplash Injury

Spinal Cord Injuries

Childrens Injuries

Wrongful Death

Traumatic Brain Injuries

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Michael Pines and his team have kept their promise.

Petra Heim-Rollan
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I was involved in a car accident in 2019. I was struck from behind by a impaired motorist. Drunk, high, maybe both. He tried to flee the scene but didn’t make it far. I was injured in this accident and needed help in finding what options I had. I checked out a few other offices along with Pines Salomon and did some research online into all of them. After speaking on the phone with Pines Salomon

I cannot say enough good things about my experience

Herminio Salamante
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My friend recommended Michael Pines to me and I was super happy. They took very good care of me, treated me very nice, and I got a very nice check. I had a lot of back pain and the doctor they referred me to helped me so much! I didn’t have to pay anything when I was getting treatment. I was so happy, that I’ve referred another friend to Michael pines.

Gracias Michael Pines y a todo su staff por su ayuda

Veronica Montes
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En las oficinas del abogado Michael Pines recibi la ayuda que mas necesitaba cuando sufri mi accidente de automovil, todo el personal me ayudo con mucha pasiencia y respondio a todas mis dudas. Resolvieron mi caso muy rapido, me ayudaron con mi doctor y ahora puedo seguir con mi tranquilida. Gracias Michael Pines y a todo su staff por su ayuda.

They truly put my interest first and were very sincere.

Jacqui Murray
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As soon as I met Mr. Pines my nerves immediately went away. He looked at my case and assured me that everything will be ok. I was sent to the best doctors who truly had my best interest in mind. All of the Attorneys and staff made my recovery stress free by not having to worry about paying for my treatment upfront.They were always there to answer my questions.

  • Why Hire Pines Salomon Injury Lawyers?

    At Pines Salomon Injury Lawyers, LLP, we know personal injury. It’s at the heart of our San Diego law firm, and it’s what we do best as San Diego’s top personal injury attorneys. As industry-leading experts with over 25 years of experience winning personal injury cases just like yours, you can depend on us as San Diego’s most trusted law group. Our lawyers are nationally-recognized as San Diego’s authority on personal injury cases, including car accidents and motorcycle accidents. No other personal injury law firm can bring the experience, tenacity and results than our lawyers—and that’s why people just like you turn to us for help.

    • INVESTED IN YOUR CASE. If we take your case, rest assured you are in the best hands possible. We take time to understand the intricacies of your situation, and we know every case is unique. We are always accessible to our clients and you are always able to communicate directly with us. You are not a number. You are someone who needs help now, and we understand that urgency.
    • MILLIONS RECOVERED. We have won millions of dollars for our clients in settlements and trials, and our history of wins is unlike any other law firm in San Diego. Although no attorney can ever guarantee the outcome of your case, it makes sense to choose the attorneys that have a history of solid wins, year after year.`
    • COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. Our founder, Michael Pines, was once an insurance company attorney, so his knowledge of the tricks and ploys that insurance companies bring to the table is unparalleled. No other San Diego car accident lawyer has this level of insider knowledge. Michael now represents the people, handling cases just like yours. There’s a reason insurance companies from across the nation know his name. He is a high-achiever with a mission to help the people, and to get those who have been injured the money they deserve.
    • POWER IN NUMBERS. The lawyers at Pines Salomon Injury Lawyers, LLP each bring a unique perspective to your case. Our lawyers have experience working even the most niche cases of personal injury. If your case is complex, we can help you. Together, our all-star lawyer team, along with the firm’s experienced staff, work jointly to understand your claim and deliver the highest settlement possible.
    • NO OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSES. If you have been injured in a car accident, the last thing you need is added stress or increased financial burden. Hiring us costs you nothing—and it’s the best decision you can make right now for you and your family. You only pay if we win your case.
    • NATIONALLY-RECOGNIZED EXPERTS. Michael Pines and Aaron Salomon are nationally-recognized as San Diego’s top attorneys specializing in personal injury. They have been featured in multiple newspapers, magazines and online publications such as the San Diego Tribune, AARP, EHS Today, La Jolla Light, Del Mar News, and many more.
    • THE BEST REVIEWS IN SAN DIEGO AND BEYOND. We sincerely thank our clients who have taken time to review us online. No other law firm in San Diego or California has our reviews, video testimonials and high ratings on Yelp, Google Reviews, Avvo, SuperLawyers and more. Every review speaks to our level of dedication, determination and results.
  • Why Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?
    • YOU NEED AN EXPERT WHO CAN GET YOU THE HIGHEST SETTLEMENT POSSIBLE. Many people make the mistake of “self-representing” themselves when filing a car accident injury claim. Insurance companies prefer when individuals forge ahead alone because they can always settle for much less than with the help of an experienced attorney. Car accident and injury laws are complex—don’t be taken advantage of. You need a lawyer who understands car accident claims with intricate detail and who can get you the highest settlement possible.
    • YOU NEED TO GET YOUR LIFE BACK ON TRACK. Car accidents can lead to mounting medical bills, missed time from work, and ongoing medical needs that can last for years to come. We use a proprietary formula to calculate all aspects of your claim to ensure you get the most out of your settlement. Insurance companies might offer you pennies on the dollar of what your claim is actually worth. Don’t accept anything until you call us. We can get your life back on track, with NO financial stress placed on you, and most importantly, with the peace-of-mind that your case is handled by San Diego’s top attorneys specializing in personal injury.
    • YOU ARE GETTING PRESSURE FROM THE INSURANCE COMPANY. All too often, insurance companies will pressure you to agree to their small settlement. If you are being offered a settlement, you don’t have to agree to it or feel as if time is running out. A good personal injury lawyer will be able to take your case and deal with the insurance company directly, not only putting a stop to their pressure tactics but also ensuring that you get the monetary compensation that your claim is actually worth.
    • THE INSURANCE COMPANY SAYS YOU DON’T HAVE A CLAIM. Did you know that insurance companies may be quick to dismiss your injuries and lost wages? Their sneaky tactics are all for saving money and denying you the compensation and services you need. If the insurance company has dismissed your claim, you may still have rights to your case. Our attorneys can help you, even if the insurance company denies your claim.
    • YOU HAVE SIGNIFICANT DAMAGE TO YOUR VEHICLE OR PROPERTY. Property damage is another significant factor in your car accident claim. If you have experienced a total loss of your vehicle or other property in the wake of a car accident, an experienced lawyer can help you recover your losses.
  • How Does the Personal Injury Claims Process Work?

    Like most of our clients, you may be new to filing an insurance claim seeking compensation for personal injury. The process can vary from case to case, but there are general expectations that most law firms look for to ensure your case is valid.

    AN INJURY TAKES PLACE. The first and most unfortunate event to set the claims process in motion is an injury to an innocent victim, whether it happened to you or a loved one. The injury is caused by an at-fault party, whether it is an individual, corporation or government entity. Although injuries can happen in many circumstances, the most common occur as vehicle accidents, and can include:

    Sometimes injuries can occur due to dog bites, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, or other catastrophic events. No matter how the injury occurs, there must be an at-fault party for your claim to be valid, whether they were directly at-fault or a contributor to your injury.

    Usually, the claim is filed against the insurance company, or sometimes, directly against the responsible party.

    ACTION IS TAKEN AGAINST THE RESPONSIBLE PARTY. The aftermath of a car accident can leave an injured person in a wake of medical bills, missed work, mounting stress and pain and suffering. If this sounds like you, we can help by taking action on your behalf. In some cases, an injured person needs a family member to take action due to the unfortunate nature of injury or wrongful death caused by a car accident or otherwise negligent event. No matter if it’s you or a loved one who needs help, taking action as soon as possible to ensure all of your rights are preserved is essential.

    A CLAIM IS FILED. After understanding all the details of your case, our lawyers begin the process of filing your claim. Because our lawyers are the most thorough in the business, we take time to uncover every last detail and event that may have contributed to your accident, leaving no stone unturned. We gather medical records, police reports, witness statements, photographs, and videos pertaining to your case and we create a rigorous, comprehensive claim on your behalf.

    THE DEFENDANTS RESPOND TO YOUR CASE. After your claim is filed, the at-fault party must respond to your case. It is often now that an insurance company offers a settlement, but our lawyers are experienced and able to quickly know if the settlement is worth taking or not. Our personal injury attorneys will advise you on what steps to take that are in your best interest. Negotiations may take weeks or months, or sometimes we may advise you to take the matter to trial. As your case develops, we advise you appropriately every step of the way. Our 30 years of experience, along with a deep understanding of the claims process, gives you peace-of-mind that the best possible action is being taken on your behalf.

    YOU MAY RECEIVE COMPENSATION. Whether you go to trial or accept a settlement offer, most of our clients close their claim with monetary compensation from the insurance company or responsible party. There is never a guarantee of how your claim will result, but with San Diego’s most trusted lawyers at your side, you can rest assured we will do everything we can to ensure you receive the highest settlement possible. At the culmination of your claim, justice is served and you can move on with your life and get back on track with the money you deserve.

  • Does This Sound Like You?

    Misconceptions Commonly Made After a Car Accident

    Two common scenarios arise following a car accident: 1) an individual is too “afraid” to sue the insurance company, or, 2) the individual believes he or she is capable enough to self-represent when filing a claim.
    Don’t make either of these mistakes—here’s why.

    • WORRIES OVER FILING A CLAIM. If you are fearful of filing a claim, we understand your hesitation but we likewise encourage you to talk to an attorney before time runs out. Between medical bills, lost wages, and the turmoil that often follows a car accident, taking action has never been more important. Filing a claim and winning your case can completely reverse the financial burden you may be experiencing right now. You personally do not have to fight the insurance companies—we do it for you.
    • SELF-REPRESENTING WHEN FILING A CAR ACCIDENT CLAIM. If you are considering filing a claim on your own, talk to us first. You have nothing to lose. Because the legal implications of personal injury are complex, forging ahead without legal representation may result in poor results. Here’s an example from one of our recent cases: When an insurance company offered $10,000.00 for a child injury case after initially denying it altogether, our attorney-partner Aaron Salomon increased the settlement to $345,000.00 after the family retained our firm for representation. These types of situations are all too common—in fact, they are the norm with insurance companies. Don’t let it happen to you. Call or email us first for a completely free consultation.