Our office has successfully handled many personal injury cases that have resulted in large settlements and verdicts.  What makes the United States different from many countries throughout the world?  We value people over property.

Besides tackling insurance companies’ lowball and hardball tactics every day, we are tirelessly contributing on behalf of California’s consumers in the political arena.  Consumer rights are on the chopping block every day.  Some injured people do not fully understand their rights, or worse, they take them for granted.

Most injured people and their families only want to go to court as a last resort.  They do not want to relive a terrible tragedy.  That is why it is very important to hire an attorney as soon as possible as “what appears to be the truth" many times can be more important than the actual truth.  Meaning, many injured people innocently cooperate with auto accident insurance companies thinking that these companies are obtaining this information for the injured person’s benefit.  They are not!  Instead, it is for the auto accident insurance companies benefit, and they will attempt to hold you accountable for every thing you stated.  They will usually ask for you to provide a recorded statement, sign overbroad medical authorizations and even ask for your social security number and date of birth!

Our law firm has represented thousands of injured people and their families.  Please do not forget that there is a great deal more to it than the settlement or recovery amount.  A good automobile accident attorney will work hard to maximize your actual recovery.  For instance, we use all available California automobile accident laws against car accident insurance companies or others requesting subrogation (payback for monies other have spent on an accident) from such requestors as State Farm, the US Navy, Kaiser, Medi-cal, Medicare and others.

Real People, Real Cases

These automobile accident case results do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your accident.  Rather, the following is a very small sample of some of the Case Results we have handled or participated in.

For privacy protection and confidentiality, former clients’ names have been omitted; however, if you would like to read about past experiences with our law firm, feel free to read our client testimonials from past car accident cases.

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Motor Vehicle Collision Causing A Severe Traumatic Brain Injury To A 50 Year Old Woman

A truck being driven by a local company made a left turn and hit our client walking to work who was in a crosswalk. The Defense fought us on every claim and this case settled for our full demand just weeks before trial.

Initial Offer: Zero until two months before trial.

Final Result: $10 Million Settlement

Motor Vehicle Collision Causing Neck Injury

A company truck rear-ended our client who was in his 50s. He ultimately had two neck surgeries. The Defense argued his neck was only sprained and the rest of his problems were degenerative, i.e. Because he was getting old.

Initial Offer: $150,000.00

Final Result: $2.4 Million Settlement at Mediation

Minor Rear End Motor Vehicle Collision Causing Neck Injury

A large moving truck rear-ended our client who was picking her daughter up from school. She was only dazed at the scene of the collision so the police were not called. Neither of the vehicles sustained very much damage either. Our client ultimately had a neck surgery. The Defense fought us but ultimately settled.

Final Result: $1.8 Million Settlement

Motor Vehicle Collision Causing Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

A drunk driver T-Boned our client as he was driving his car on his way to work early one morning. The client sustained a mild traumatic brain injury, but all of his MRIs were normal. We succeeded in telling his story and proving his injury.

Final Result: $1.5 Million Dollar Policy Settlement

Motor Vehicle Collision Causing Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

A Defendant was not paying attention and struck the rear of our client’s car while she was exiting. She hit her head on the car door and sustained a concussion that continued to cause headaches.

Final Result: $800,000.00 Settlement at Mediation

Automobile Accident Resulting in the Wrongful Death of 86-Year-Old

A van, driven by our client, was broadsided by a car driver who had no automobile accident insurance.  The deceased person’s automobile accident insurance company stalled until our client’s husband died despite receiving a timely demand and all the necessary information about the car accident.

Initial offer: $300,000 from the responsible party’s automobile accident attorney.

Final Recovery: After a complicated argument -- concerning California law and the calculation of what medical bills are recoverable -- $940,000.00 was awarded to our client.

Wrongful Death Auto Accident in Rollover Due to a Broken Seatbelt

A mid-sized Ford automobile rolled several times on the freeway when the car driver lost control, resulting in a wrongful death automobile accident when the driver was ejected out of the vehicle onto the street pavement.  This wrongful death accident should have never occurred because the car driver had been wearing her seatbelt.

The problem was that her seatbelt broke.

Initial offer: Nothing.

Final Recovery: A seven figure settlement -- a payment of over a million dollars -- was paid by the responsible party’s automobile accident insurance company.

Wrongful Death Accident -- Minor Child Strangled to Death by Mini-Blind Cord

The responsible parties, mini-blind manufacturers, suppliers and installers said it was not their fault.  In fact, their insurance companies blamed the deceased child’s parent for improperly supervising her child.

This case eventually resulted in a very large wrongful death accident settlement which had a nationwide impact on the mini-blind industry and has undoubtedly prevented many unnecessary toddler deaths.

Wrongful Death Automobile Accident and Botched CHP Investigation

Our client’s wife died in a fatal car accident, and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) concluded it was her fault.

Initial offer: Nothing.

Soon after, we were hired as his car accident attorneys.  After we took the deposition of the CHP Officer, the responsible party’s automobile insurance company changed their opinion as to who was at fault after realizing that the CHP Officer was wrong.

Final Recovery: We recovered a six figure policy limit settlement -- the maximum that could be paid for that particular type of auto accident.

Young Passenger Killed in Wrongful Death Automobile Accident Caused By Teen DUI

A young woman was killed in a fatal car accident caused by a drunk-driving (DUI) teen driver, and the responsible party’s auto accident insurance companies wanted to cheat her family out of a settlement.  Progressive Insurance Company argued that the passenger herself was responsible, stating that “she assumed the risk” by getting into a vehicle with a drunk driver.

Initial offer: Nothing.

As experienced wrongful death automobile accident attorneys, we conducted an extensive investigation.

Final Recovery: We recovered the maximum payout of $750,000.00 on behalf of the deceased person’s parents.

Rear-End Automobile Accident

Initial Offer: $10,000 -- an offer that our client wanted to settle for with the responsible party’s automobile accident attorney.  We explained to our client that since this was a terrible car accident -- and she only had one chance to settle -- that it would be a good idea to wait and see if she felt better over a period of time.

A few months later, the pain caused by the auto accident returned with a vengeance.  Further medical tests were ordered.

Final Recovery: In a non-surgical case, awarded with almost a $200,000.00 settlement.

Insurance Company Attempts to Lowball our Automobile Accident Client

Our client wanted to settle for the responsible party’s automobile accident attorney’s first offer, after his father just passed away, he needed the money and felt that he had physically recovered from the auto accident.

Initial Offer: $10,000.

We reminded our client that he would be given only one opportunity for an auto accident financial recovery, and at the end of the entire claim/case, we gave him several options.  He decided to wait and make sure that his health was stabilized and also to fight allegations that he was responsible for his own accident -- State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company tried to blame the accident on our client.

Final Recovery: Shortly thereafter, the case was settled for $100,000.00, which was the automobile accident insurance company’s policy limits.

Our Client Mistakenly Told Insurance Company He Was Uninjured In Car Accident

Before our client hired us, he told the responsible party, a government entity, that he was not injured in his automobile accident.  However, the auto accident caused minor knee problems which worsened over time.

Initial offer: Nothing.

We were then hired and as his personal injury attorneys we immediately corrected the formal government claim and had to file a lawsuit.

Final Recovery: We were able to recover $100,000.00 for our client’s car accident.

When It Comes to Insurance Companies, They Are Not Always on Your Side

(Generalization Which Is Applicable To Many Claims)

Insurance companies often hire result-oriented, non-treating, so-called medical experts.  They often state that injuries, if any, are either not present or, if present, were not the result of the automobile accident.  We are very experienced with these “low-ball tactics,” and have recovered low to high six figure settlements and trial verdicts.

Usual first offer: About $10,000.

Usual Settlement: Can be over six figure dollar amounts, depending upon the circumstances.

Automobile Accident Caused Client’s Breast Implants to Leak

A car accident caused our client’s breast implants to leak and needed to be repaired.  The Insurance Company argued the automobile accident did not cause them to tear.

Initial offer: $10,000.

Using our years of experience as automobile accident attorneys, we were able to successfully prove that the force of the automobile accident caused the rupture.

Final Recovery: The responsible party’s auto accident insurance company paid our client $50,000.00.

Fifteen Pound Rock Struck a Car on the Freeway in Downtown San Diego

Our client’s own insurance company argued that they owed “nothing,” because the automobile accident did not involve another car.  The auto accident insurance company argued that a rock dropping off a freeway overpass was not covered by car accident insurance.

Initial Offer: Nothing.

Final Recovery: After our office hired an automobile accident investigator and developed an explanation as to how the accident occurred, our client received the maximum automobile accident policy limit -- $30,000.00.

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Motorcycle Accident with Uninsured Driver

Our client was driving his motorcycle on a dirt road when he was involved in a motorcycle accident.  As the responsible party had no automobile accident insurance, our client made a claim with his own motorcycle accident insurance company, State Farm -- this is called an “uninsured motorists” motorcycle accident claim.

State Farm Insurance argued that they did not owe their own customer any money benefits, claiming that the motorcycle accident location was not a technically a “road.”

Initial Offer: Nothing.

Final Recovery: Our client received the maximum six figure policy limit after extensive research and investigation was paid by our client’s insurance company’s motorcycle accident lawyers.

Motorcycle Accident Insurance “Dirty Tricks” Used Against Our Client

Our client suffered major injuries and had no motorcycle accident insurance or even health insurance.  USAA insurance company accident attorneys tried to use “dirty tricks” to prevent our client from recovering, so we took them to trial.

Pre-trial offer: $16,000.

Trial result: We won the case, and our client received a final recovery of about $265,000.00.

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Automobile Accident with a Pedestrian on the Freeway

Our client was trying to help a motorist who was passed out on the freeway at about 4 a.m.  Suddenly, she was struck by three automobiles, nearly killing her.

Initial offer: Nothing.

The insurance companies argued it was our client’s fault for trying to help a person in the middle of the night on a freeway.

Final Result: We won our client a settlement of almost $300,000.00 -- the policy limit, paid by the responsible parties’ automobile accident insurance attorneys -- with a $163,953 reduction from Scripps Memorial Hospital (bill reduced to $15,000) for what we viewed as unlawful billing practices.

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