Evaluating the scene of the accident is one of the most important components of filing your personal injury claim. New research indicates that there may be a more effective way to approach this than taking pictures and videos at the scene of the accident.

As drones become more commonplace across the United States, a new report from the North Carolina Transportation Department recommends that their government adopt drone technology for dramatically reducing the investigation time for an accident. The study was published in August and looked at three different types of unmanned aircraft systems to look at their affordability and their range in accuracy. In all of the drone tests completed, the technology was able to analyze and record staged crashes in less than 25 minutes. Traditional laser methods, however, can take up to an hour and 51 minutes to complete.

The data that is produced by the drone, according to the research results, was much easier to read and also provided a more accurate map of the collision site itself. The accuracy of the measured locations involved in the vehicle accident were close to within 0.03 ft. Using drones could allow you to rapid restoration of the traffic flow and increase the safety of investigator members who are dispatched to the scene of the accident. Although drones are not yet used in every city and state throughout the country investigating vehicle accidents, the potential is there to make things safer for everyone and to clear the roadway more quickly. Getting help to the people who are involved in a vehicle accident as soon as possible can decrease the number of follow-up accidents or injuries.