Healthtex has recalled forty-thousand Zoo Pacifiers that failed to meet federal safety standards and are subject to a products liability.

The San Diego personal injury attorneys at our firm frequently handle cases involving recalls of defective products.  We know the dangers that come with defective products, especially when they are items made for young children to use.

These products liabilities can be the cause of personal injury or in some cases, wrongful death.  Unfortunately there have been many situations where companies decide it is cheaper to just pay out personal injury claims instead of the cost of a recall.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Zoo Pacifiers have been deemed a products liability due to a choking hazard.  Reports indicate that the rubber nipple on the pacifiers can detach from the rest of the item and is small enough to go down an infant’s throat, making medical treatment a necessity for saving the child’s life.

Imagine that you are putting down your child for his or her nap and give them a pacifier to suck on while they are lulled off to sleep.  Suppose the nipple comes off the pacifier just as the child is shutting their eyes and you are not supposed to wake them up for an hour and a half.

Many times a situation like this can open the door for a choking hazard to happen.  The use of a defective product can be tragic and no one wants to lose someone they care about because of product liability.

Our San Diego firm’s personal injury attorneys urge anyone who has a child or a loved one’s child that may be using this type of pacifier, to return the toy immediately.  If your child has a Healthtex pacifier that matches this description, the company urges you to comply with the recall and return the defective product

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