Former Melrose Place actress Amy Locane-Bovenizer was sentenced to three years in prison for driving under the influence and killing a woman – a sentence the victim’s family describes as insufficient for taking the life of their loved one.

A woman was tragically killed when Locane-Bovenizer collided into the side of her vehicle. According to reports, the male driver was slowly turning into their driveway when Locane-Bovenizer T-boned the vehicle, killing the woman.

Authorities say the Melrose Place actress was driving three times over the legal blood alcohol limit when her SUV collided with the car. Earlier in November, a jury convicted Locane-Bovenizer of vehicular homicide in the 2010 passing of the woman, but this month’ sentencing was received as a shock to the victim’s family as they had hoped for a maximum sentence. The judge said the actress’s children contributed to the primary reason for a three year sentence due to one of the child’s mental and physical disabilities.

“What a travesty,” he shouted in the court after the sentence was read.

“This is not justice,” his son said as he exited the courtroom.

The family said the trial was another “punch to the gut,” referring to the defense which argued that the husband in this case contributed to the accident as he pulled slowly into his driveway. He told the court the defense only added “salt to the wound” of his wife’s wrongful death.

Locane-Bovenizer apologized to the family, explaining, “I am truly sorry for all of the pain I have caused. My own suffering will never go away.”

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