It’s long been said that people in red cars are more likely to earn traffic tickets or to cause car accidents, but a new research project aimed to learn more about how people perceive other vehicle colors, too.

The new study, conducted by a motor retailer, identified that your vehicle color could have an impact on the way that you behave on the road. The company JCT 600 spoke to 1,000 different drivers in the United Kingdom and asked them about their favorite vehicle color. They also asked study participants what they believed that color represents. The study indicated that pink cars are most likely to receive a speeding ticket although other individuals felt that silver car owners were most likely to be trustworthy. According to the research study, here is what your vehicle color says about you:

  •       White: 40% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 24 listed their favorite color as white and 36% said that drivers of white vehicles were the most attractive.
  •       Silver: Individuals ranked silver car drivers as the most trustworthy.
  •       Black: Approximately 22% of survey respondents indicated that black car drivers were the most attractive. It was the favorite color for all respondents.
  •       Red: Men were more likely to say that drivers who had red vehicles were the most attractive and respondents also described red vehicle drivers as happy and adventurous.
  •       Yellow: One-third of the respondents said that yellow car drivers were happiest, however, it was also at the top of the list for car colors most likely to have a minor vehicle accident.
  •       Blue: Blue ranked high on the favorite car color choice list for individuals over age 55.
  •       Green: Green car drivers are allegedly the fourth most likely to experience road rage with 38% of them saying they experienced it on a regular basis.  

No matter your vehicle color, being involved in an accident can change your life. While a more brightly-colored car might help you stay more visible in another driver’s blind spots, being involved in an accident can happen to anyone. Medical bills, treatments, and the many changes in your life can feel overwhelming after a car crash, which is why some people choose to pursue a personal injury claim when another party is responsible for the accident.