The vast majority of the 70,000 pedestrians injuries in the United States each year are children’s injuries, usually to pedestrians under the age of 16 years and the elderly.  Therefore, it is very important to be extra cautious when driving in neighborhoods or school zones, or areas where children are likely to be present.

There are several common errors that pedestrians make when involved in pedestrian accidents.  Therefore, it is important to always be aware of your surroundings at all times, and take extra caution in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic.

Also, alcohol involvement was reported in nearly half of all car accident traffic crashes resulting in pedestrian’s wrongful deaths.   Obviously, our firm’s car accident attorneys know that one should not drink and drive, and to avoid walking in busy traffic areas when drinking.

According to the NHTSA, more than 50% of all pedestrian-car accidents in the United States result in the pedestrian’s death.In the vast majority of these cases, the motor vehicle driver is at fault, not the pedestrian.  Therefore, there are a number of very important steps to take in order to ensure that you are driving as safely as possible at all times, particularly when there are pedestrians/people present.

The Most common pedestrian errors resulting in pedestrian accidents or car accidents include:
1.  Ignoring Traffic Controls.  Many pedestrian accidents occur because pedestrians fail to obey pedestrian traffic signals, especially at intersections, where most pedestrian accidents occur.

2.  Jaywalking (Cross A Roadway Anywhere Other Than A Designated Crossing Place, E.G., Crosswalks). This accounts for many car accidents involving a pedestrian.  Drivers are not anticipating pedestrians in undesignated areas and tend to be less cautious in these areas. Therefore, it is not only unsafe for pedestrians to jaywalk, but it is also illegal and you can be given a ticket for jaywalking.

3.  Darting Children/Such As Children That Make Sudden Movements Into A Street.  Most pedestrian related auto accidents involve pedestrians that are under the age of 16, and a large percentage are under the age of just 14 years old.  Therefore, it is very important for not only drivers, but for parents to be especially cautious in school, park, and areas with playgrounds, where young children are more likely to be present which is a fertile area for a car accident or personal injuries.  Indeed, our auto accident lawyers think that parents should only insure a child’s safety and teach every child not just good safety prevention tips, but comprehensive and smart safety prevention tips.

4.  Parents in Pursuit/Running After Their Children.  Another large percentage of pedestrian related auto accidents involve parents who run out in the street after young children, where anyone could get into a pedestrian accident.  Again, it is important for both drivers and parents to be very cautious, especially when driving a motor vehicle in high traffic areas.

5.  Walking on a Limited Access Highway.  While it is illegal for pedestrians to be on Limited Access Highways (motor vehicle roadways which are for cars only, not bicycles, pedestrians or others), accidents involving pedestrians on highways tend to occur when people with stalled vehicles or involved in car accidents get out of their vehicles and are hit in a terrible car/pedestrian accident.  Be cautious and keep a look out for pedestrians when approaching a car accident or stalled vehicle on the freeway.

6.  Not Just Looking Both Ways, But Looking Behind And All Around When Entering Traffic Or Crossing the Street.   As car accident lawyers, in our experience, this is one of the most common causes of car accidents involving pedestrians.  As children, many of us were taught to look “left or right.”  Here’s an example where that would not be enough.  What if a pedestrian is at a 4 way intersection and is about to cross the street.  The pedestrian looks left or right, however, the car that strikes the pedestrian is behind the pedestrian making a right hand turn and is not paying attention.

7.  Cell Phones And Other Distractions.  Finally, as car accident attorneys, we see a lot of in the “Communication Age,” many car accidents involving pedestrians occur because the pedestrian is simply not paying attention to the surrounding area while walking or even jogging/running.  Perhaps this person is actively participating in a phone call, text messaging … just not paying attention (similar to a distracted driver on the road), even while jaywalking.  Please do not do this.  Some people seem to just not be able to focus and let go, leading to countless unnecessary car accidents and pedestrian accidents.  In fact, a car might just swerve out of a pedestrian’s way which results in car accident with another motor vehicle.  Why not just set rules that anytime one walks around cars, all electronic devices are ignored?

Being aware of these common errors will enable you to be a safer and more cautious driver or pedestrian, as well as finding the best auto insurance policy that your family can afford.

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